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Vegetables "cholesterol drugs" eliminate the abdomen

[reading] whenever people face big table, taste delicacies, riotously fatty food, for some vegetables but appears as mo see, actually these vegetables are has on the table ", a cholesterol-lowering drug "of reputation.

1, cucumber: cucumber heat thirst diuresis

Crisp delicious, has clear heat, thirst, diuresis action. It contains cellulose can promote the development of food waste discharge, so as to reduce the absorption of cholesterol.

Cucumber also contained a kind of call "propanol two acid" material, can restrain the body carbohydrate to transform adipose, lose weight and adjust the effect of lipid metabolism.

2, eggplant: eggplant improve microvascular flexibility

Contain a variety of vitamins, especially in purple tomato contains many vitamin P, can strengthen the gelling sex cells, improve the microvascular flexibility. Medical research shows that eggplant can reduce cholesterol, but also can prevent the damage of blood vessel caused by hyperlipidemia, can assist the treat high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis.

3, green beans, green beans coronary heart disease prevention and control

The clear summer is tasted, it can reduce the blood fat, protect the heart, prevention and cure the role of coronary heart disease. The animal experiment proves, green beans can effectively reduce serum cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein, significantly reduce coronary atherosclerotic lesions. Clinical practice is proof, hyperlipidemia patient daily consumption has obvious apply mung bean cholesterol-lowering role.

4, xianggu mushroom: mushrooms to fat buck

With the food, to fat, step-down, such as effectiveness. This source of fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, reduce the intestine to the absorption of cholesterol. Mushrooms also contain mushrooms purine and nucleic acid material, can promote cholesterol decomposition. Often feed mushrooms can reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride.

5, sweet potatoes: sweet potatoes prevents atherosclerosis

Nutrition research found that moderate consumption sweet potatoes can prevent cardiovascular system of lipid deposition, prevents atherosclerosis, make subcutaneous fat decrease, avoid too fat. Note that is too much sweet potatoes can make the consumption of the intake of the total quantity of heat to increase, but unfavorable to lower cholesterol.

6, hawthorn: hawthorn can promote cholesterol excretion

Mainly contain hawthorn acid, citric acid, adipose decompose acid, vitamin C, yellow ketone, carbohydrates and composition, have the dilation of blood vessels, microcirculation, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and promote cholesterol excretion of role. Hawthorn is acid food, so shoulds not be fasting edible, also shoulds not be long before the food, the best the after meal to eat.

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