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Wary of nine large-signal your body weight in a bounce

Whether it is what makes you feel the weight on the rebound, the most important is to make this signal as an alarm, so that their timely return to a healthy living conditions. If you are able to maintain their achievements, self-confidence will improve and enjoy the elegant and vibrant lifestyle!

(1)Diet unplanned

You no longer have a day early or a week to plan their diet. Planning process, though a bit tedious, but it is a guarantee that you eat fresh, eat meet - not free diet led to increase heat. Nutritionists point out that the food companies to increase market share - that is, they need customers. They usually use the free gifts, discount vouchers and television ads to sell high-calorie, high fat food. The success and failure is often a fine line between, even if it is a little mistake results will be different.

(2)Watching TV snacking

The Internet, work and watch TV, eat? At this time, your attention is not on something to eat, how much to eat no control. The energy of these foods is very high, such as snacks, candy, potato chips, melon seeds, eat many calories will. May wish to try this way: instead of eating other things, such as listening to music at work, stand up and exercise while watching TV, surfing the tea water.

(3)Forgot to record

You can not remember the last record when. The record is a good way to self-monitoring, not only to better weight loss results, but is also very important for weight retention.

(4) A month did not weigh

You already have a month without weight, and Internet records or to the party and the measurement of body weight. Ability to maintain the weight factors, which are two factors that tracking weight and to maintain contact with other weight loss crowd. The reason: the weight within a very short time a rapid increase; to meet with friends or with others in the chat will remind you to keep what has been achieved on the website forum.

(5) pants thinner

Whether the butterfly sleeves, thighs, or pants tight - These are what we need to pay attention - a part of your body may be sent to you "help" signal. In addition, the shirt can not hide all the abdominal fat is a dangerous signal. Do you really willing to return to these "trouble" and nerve-racking state? Better to consider strengthening exercises, increase the heat consumption. Do not let your efforts go down the drain.

(6)Only a fit pants

Unknowingly suddenly discovered that the original only a fitting trousers .... The overall weight gain may cause a lot of clothes to wear. Only wear skirts or loose-fitting clothing? Time to understand your own body weight, we recommend wearing clothes that fit, wear personal clothes with the waist.

(7) start to feel dirty

Elegance and vitality where to go? You start to feel dirty. Even increase in the target weight 5 pounds might be your daily life and self-image have a huge impact. If you can feel the original target of excitement and confidence, not let you re-find the motivation? Think about how to make you rediscover the feel-good self.

(8) refused staple food

Some people to lose weight do not eat the staple food, such as rice, bread, etc., its high in calories. Does not know to ignore the staple food is a basic lack of heat. Diet deficient in carbohydrates will cause malnutrition, low blood sugar or even cause damage to the brain, liver. The meal can not be a lack of staple foods, such as grains, very beneficial for weight loss, good health.

(9) Constipation

Constipation, I have not the reason to eat fruits and vegetables. The cellulose is to maintain a sense of satiety, reduce body fat absorption, weight loss must be food to prevent constipation. In general, the requirements of adults daily fiber is 40-50 grams, many people eat less than this number, so weight loss is difficult to adhere to, soon hungry, and often constipation. Should be noted that increasing foods rich in fiber diet, it is not enough to eat, it should be appropriate to add dietary fiber tablets.

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