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Gastric Cancer is the Killer of Workplace Newbie

A few days before, two youth was diagnosed middle-late gastric cancer in the Tumour Hospital in Liaoning. Experts remind that nowadays the gastric cancer appears more among young people and has become the killer of workplace newbies which should be paid more attention.

According to the reporter, these two patients are born after 1985 and work in nonlocal place that far away from hometown after graduated.due to the work stress, they have irregular diet and then didn't go to the hospital timely when gastrectasia and stomachache appears and ends at gastric cancer.
Zheng Zhichao, the head of the stomach surgical department in Liaoning Tumour Hospital, as well as the vice chairman of Liaoning Gastric Cancer CNCCA introduced that in recent years, the phenomenon that gastric cancer appears more among young people is more serious as time goes by and is even more serious among young girls. He also said that the main factors that cause gastric cancer includes they have long-term food with high salt ,irregular diet, stress and hgenetic factor.

The expert suggest that gastric cancer should comply to the " three early" principle: find early, diagnose early, and treat early. It is said that early-stage gastric cancer has warning signals like inflammation such as abdominal pain, abdominal distention and hiccup which is easy to be ignored by patients. And in middle stage, the abdominal pain will become fierce and frequent and the abdominal distention will be more obvious. At this time,the survival rate of the patient may be 40% to 50% within five years after operation if the patients go to hospital .
It is said that besides gastric cancer, leukemia and lymphoma also are threatening the health of young office worker which are connected with work environment and living habit. The expert said that you can prevent disease above only if you establish a good living habit and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not smoke and drink and do more exercises.

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