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Have Less Meat If You Have Headache During Your Periods

Some female are disturbed by period headache frequently. Professor Li Yuehua from the geriatric center of CACMS said that: before and after periods, the density of estradiol in the serum will be lowered down which may cause the extracranial bypass and uterine vascular more sensitive to substance like serotonin and leads to the change of vasvular tone and then ends at headache of some sensitive patients.

Female who has period headache should pay attention to her diet . Diary products like milk and cheese; and chocolate contain casein which is the main substance that causes headache; meat including beef, pork, fish and turkey and so on and some other drinks or additive may also cause period headache, for example, beverage that contains alcohol, all kinds of wine with high density, beverages that contains caffeine like coffee, cola and tea.

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