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Having too much cold food leads to spleen and stomach disorders easily

In hot summer, in order to remove the heat, you should eat more food that is heat-clearing and fire-purging. There are a lot of food that is diuretic,heat-clearing,thirst-quenching and can relieve all kinds of discomforts caused by hot summer. Then,what kind of food is heat-clearing and fire-purging? What do we have to pay attention to when you are having heat-clearing and fire-purging food?
Heat-clearing food should be classified

icy food
The chief physician--Professor Li Peiwen of Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital says that people should pay attention to two aspects when under diet nursing since the body catabolism increased in summer: one is that you should notice that summer humidity may hurt the spleen and the weakened digestive function may lead to disease entering by the mouth; another aspect is that you should avoid spicy and hot food.
Li Peiwen says that you should be careful when you are choosing heat-clearing food: mainly choose light vegetarian and reduce meat and fish with thick flavors. In summer, the digestive function of human body is weak and animals are difficult to digest and will affect the appetite. Since dog meat and mutton is comparatively warm and dry, you had better have less. While duck,rabbit meat and lean pork is mild and can supplement protein.
At the same time, cold and sour food can help clear heat. In hot summer,in order to fight against the heat evil pathogenic, the cold and sour food always possess the function of clearing heat, for example., cucumber,kiwi,loquat, lemon and plum and so on.
In addition, you can also concerned on the heat-clearing food that can be both medical and edible. This kind of food can be used as medicine and is edible at the same time which has strong heat-clearing effect. However,you had better had it appropriately from time to time. This kind of food includes chrysanthemums, green beans,reed,bamboo,coix seed and dandelion and so on.
 Have seasoning that is spicy and hot as less as possible
Li Peiwen says that, the application of heat-clearing food aims at correcting the heat evil ,while spicy and hot seasoning has totally the different function with this kind of food which may offset the function of heat-clearing.
As to the way of cooking, you should not apply methods like braise and fry to process food. Pepper,aniseed,pepper,cinnamon,ginger,fennel and so on are all hot seasoning and you had better use them as less as possible. You had better choose light food to match heat-clearing food.
Baked food also makes people easy to get hot, so you had better use water to boil or over the boiling water when processing and then salad or cold boiled it with little seasoning to avoid strong flavors.
Heat-clearing does not mean have icy food

icy food
Li Peiwen also highlights that application of heat-clearing food should be appropriate and it doesn't mean having icy drinks or ice cream and so on.
The digestive function of human body in summer is the lowest of the four seasons and it is easy to get diarrhea and vomiting prone. Having too much cold food may cause stomach disorders or even the occurrence of deficiency disease easily, especially for the elder,children,patients who have chronic disease. Therefore, you should pay attention to the degree of having this kind of food and remember that both too cold and too much are wrong but approprate.
For example,having ice to quench your thirst in hot summer is easy to hurt the stomach. The elder and children should not have food in the refrigerator and cool water is enough to quench the thirst. You had better not have heat-clearing food with an empty stomach and you should not have too much cold food suddenly to quench the thirst or clear the heat but to have it slowly.

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