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Obesity Is Connected with Working Time

According to the report on July, 10 of Daily Telegraph in the UK, the scientists from Australia has conducted a research and found out that the longer hours women work, the fatter they will be.

A research published in International Journal of Obesity is mainly conducted on women between 45 to 50 years. And the result shows that, 55% of the conducted women have become fatter in two years and women who have work gained their weight significantly with 1.6% average weight. The longer woman work , the more weight she will get and woman will gain about 1.9% on average if she works over 49 hours per week.

The research also shows that women who have worked long hours will be more possible to have some bad habits like smoking, addicted to alcohol, lack of sleep and with no exercise. And so on. While for women who have no work or have less work, they will take advantage of these time to exercise and prepare healthy diet.

According to the conductor: " office ladies face a lot of stress and they have no time to exercise and prepare healthy diet."

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