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Some sunblock doesn't work but cause cancer

Many women think that they can stay in the sun as long as they want and would not get hurt only if they have applied sunblock. However, the truth is that the danger is on the way. The latest research from USA says that there is some kind of chemical substance in the sunblock which may increase the possibility of having skin cancer.
Does sunblock cause cancer?
The latest report from USA says that some sunblock may cause endocrinopathy or even induce skin cancer because there sis some kind of chemical substance in the sunblock.
There is another research points out that as long as the ultraviolet rays penetrate into skin and contact with these chemicals, some skin problem may be induced. However, the Personal Care Product Council of America doubts this and points out that most of the sunblock products have passed the long-term safety test before they appear on the market which provides effective protection for consumers.
According the the situation, some expert say that it is true that it would stimulate the skin and accelerate aging of skin or even cause cancer if there is phenol in the skin care product. However, most sunblock products have been through strict national test in our country which means that there is no phenol in the products; also the quantity of palmitic acid is under the national standard.
Sunblock itself has dangerous ingredients that may cause skin cancer
According to the latest research in USA, ingredient zinc oxide in the sunblock will release harmful free radial molecules in the sunlight and increase the possibility of having skin cancer.
As we all know that, it is true that being too long in the sun will increase the possibility of having skin cancer. Therefore, many people will apply some sunblock before going out in summer to reduce the hurt of sunshine to skin hoping that would help preventing from having skin cancer.
Zinc oxide releases harmful free radical molecules
Recently, USA has done a research about how the ingredients in the sunblock would change in the sun. The expert finds out that zinc oxide do release a kind of harmful molecule called "free radical" in the strong sunlight. And too much "free radical" will damage human cells as well as DNA chain in the cells and enhance the possibility of having skin cancer.
Should we apply sunblock or not?
The expert says that although some sunblock will increase the danger of having skin cancer , i still advise applying sunblock because it is better to have sun-proof function than without.
Comments from the editor: although some disqualified sunblock will enhance the danger of having skin cancer, the effect of sun-proof from the sunblock still works well which can prevent from the violation of ultraviolet rays immediately. However, for girls who are buying sunblock, you had better choose those famous brand products , qualified products and apply them appropriately.

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