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What Kind of Disease Maybe Induced Before Thunderstorm

Weather that is with high temperature, sultry, and wet facilitate the growth and development of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, people are easy to catch a cold in this weather featured in appears urgently, heavy fever, headache, nasal congestion, running nose, fatigue and ache all over the body and even worse with symptoms like cough and chest pain.

It is difficult for rheumatism patients to spend their time with high humidity. The traditional Chinese doctor says that: " be attached by wet, be trapped by wet evil ,lingering and refractory",. This kind of weather only make the situation of rheumatism worse.
People with bad lienogastric is easy to get a cold in stomach as the temperature will be lower before thunderstorm, and this is what the traditional Chinese doctor said" spleen deficiency and wet stagnation". People with stomach disease like gastrectasia, atrophic gastritis should be more careful in this weather. The cold will penetrate your body and grains in cloudy day or when the day becomes cold and will affect the people who have joint inflammation, soft tissue injury or those who are calcium-insufficient or overtired.
Muggy weather also affects the mood. People will get irritable such as upset, jitter, petulant which will affect sleep quality and people will become difficult to fall asleep or have dreaminess or easy to wake up or awake too early.
1. Keep warm
The best way to improve intestine and stomach system disease is to keep warm in cloudy days and don't let cold stimulate your intestines and stomach meanwhile keep away from having cold, spicy or raw food but having more soft and digestive food like egg, milk, fish, and meat; the best way to improve disease about joint system that caused by cloudy days is to keep warm.

2.Ventilate often to keep flowing of air
Patients with respiratory disease and rheumatism should keep the window often to let the air convection and avoid the hotbed for bacteria growing.
3.Keep a good mood
Take the initiative to regulate yourself by communicating to your family and friends or do something you interested in to make a good mood rather than controlled by the weather.
4.Avoid being too tired
People with cardivascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay more attention not to be too tired and watch your work rhythm and have some rest since unsmooth breath will make your brain lack of oxygen. Therefore, you had better take treatment and cure measures as long as there is something wrong with your body.

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