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14 Kinds of Food that May Cause Dysmenorrhea

Girls all know that ice cream may cause dysmenorrhea, but there are many other food that you do not know also may cause dysmenorrhea. You have to avoid these food during periods.
Crab is very cold in attribute which can clear heat and make your blood cold as well as scatter stasis. During period, female must not have food with cold attribute, especially for those who have cold dysmenorrhea.

Winkles also is very cold in attribute and can clear heat. Female should avoid having this kind of food.

Cheese is the source of dysmenorrhea: such as milk, cheese, cream, yogurt. All these food will damage the absorption of magnesium.
Chocolate will make people lose control. Besides fat, it also can cause unstable emotion and sugar indulgence as well as increase the need of vitamin B. Meanwhile, sugar will consume vitamin B and minerals in human body and make people like to eat sugar food. Having sweet food with much sugar can not improve the discomfort of dysmenorrhea, but affect the balance of hormone in body and make it worse due to unstable blood sugar.
You should not have too much pear during periods.
 Green tea
During period, there are much hemoglobin, plasma protein and hemachrome in menstruation, therefore, woman will lose a lot of iron during period and so should supplement iron. There are over 30% tannic acid in tea and is easier to combine with iron in intestinal tract and then produce sediment which will hinder the absorption of iron by mucosa; it also will cause breast pain and upset, restless and unstable emotion, irritable as well as consume vitamin B in human body and damage the metabolism of carbohydrate.

Pepper, clove, and black pepper
Female should have food that is mild with nutrition and do not have spicy food that is stimulative in order to avoid blood vessel expansion and then cause dysmenorrhea ahead of time or little menstruation. Pepper, clove and black pepper are all seasoning which can make dishes better when cooking. However, during periods, female should not have these food, or else is easier to cause dysmenorrhea and too much menstruation.
 Soft drink
There are many female who like soft drink and feel feeble during period which is the symptom of lack of iron. It is because soft drinks contain phosphate which will produce chemical reaction with iron in human body and make it difficult to absorb iron. In addition, having too much soft drinks will reduce the digestive function and killing bacteria of gastric acid and affect appetite due to the neutralization of sodium bicarbonate and stomach liquid.
 Cold drink
Cold dysmenorrhea patient is forbidden to have cold drink . In a word, female should pay attention to diet during period and never have cold food. According to our traditional medicine, blood moves if were hot and stops if were cold. If you have cold food during period, it will not only hinder digestion, but also damage yang in human body and cause inner cold which will stop the movement of menstruation and so cause little menstruation or even dysmenorrhea. Even if in hot summer, you also should not have cold drink but hot and warm food. You also con have some mutton, chicken or dried longan in winter.
There is tannic acid in persimmon which is easier to combine with iron and then hinder the absorption of iron in food. Female should not have persimmon since they have to supplement iron.
 Soft drink with caffeine
Soft drink with caffeine will cause breast pain and upset, irritable and unstable emotion as well as consume vitamin B in human body and damage the metabolism of carbohydrate.
 Bamboo shoot
Bamboo shoot is cold in attribute with much crude fiber and calcium oxalate that is hard to dissolve. Female should not have it during period.
Alcohol will consumer vitamin B and minerals in human body. Having too much alcohol will damage the metabolism of carbohydrate and produce too much emotional hormone, stimulate the expansion of blood vessels and then leads to too much menstruation or period ahead of time.
It is harmful for female to have too salty food during period. Too salty food will increase the amount of salt and water in human body and cause headache, emotional, irritable and so on before period.

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