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Be Careful of Having Acute Sinusitis When Beginning Swimming

Scorching weather makes the children could not contain themselves any more to go swimming in summer vacation. See, Xiao Tao participate a swimming class with his friend. However, he began to feel headache, nasal obstruction, and running nose three days later. His mother thought he has caught a cold and gave him some cold medication which with no effect. He was diagnosed as acute sinusitis after checking by the doctor.

The director of ENT department in Zhengzhou Third People’s Hospital Zhang Zhifeng said that beginning swimmer is easy to inhale water and the water will goes into the nose while the secretion and bacteria will goes into the sinus since the Eustachian tube is the passage for ear, nose and throat. There are maybe some allergen or stimulant in the secretion or bacteria which is easy to cause acute sinusitis mentioned above. The symptoms of having serious sinusitis include purulent nasal discharge, maxilla pain, facial pain and forehead pain. Children need to go to hospital immediately when having above symptoms.

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