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Brush Teeth with Tea Can Prevent Gingival Bleeding

In comparison with other gargling liquid, brush teeth with tea have many hidden advantages.
Remove bad breath
98% people felt fresh and comfortable in mouth after brushing with tea and the bad breath has also gone away. And some gargling liquid especially for remove bad breath even is worse than tea.

Prevent dental caries
The green tea contains rich polyphenol which has strong removing free radicals function and certain antibacterial activity, and also can inhibit the streptococcus mutans causing dental caries effectively. Prevent dental caries with tea leaf has a long history. Su Shi of Son Dynasty recorded in Dongpo that the practical process of brushing teeth with tea and preventing dental caries with tea.
Prevent influenza
Catechin in tea lead can inhibit the activity of influenza virus. If you brushing teeth with tea often, the catechin can cover on the prominent mucosa in oropharynx and so prevent the combination of influenza virus and mucosa so as to prevent the influenza.

Prevent gingival bleeding
Catechin in tea leaf can kill the bacteria in mouth; and the main reason for gingival bleeding is gum inflammation. If kill the bacteria in mouth, then the gum inflammation will be better and so the bleeding can be stopped.
Prevent dental arthritis
Dental arthritis is caused by anaerobic bacteria and the effect of ordinary antibacterial medicine is not so good; but appropriate dense tea can inhibit the anaerobic bacteria in mouth and then prevent and cure dental arthritis.

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