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Eight Conditions That You Should Not Wear Eye Contacts

Core point: eye contacts are very popular among young people, and many people think that it is inconvenient to live with glasses, so they like to wear eye contact in most conditions. However, not all time is suitable to wear eye contacts. Here are eight conditions that you had better not wear contacts to prevent from the eye diseases.
Be careful of eight conditions:
1.  do not wear contacts when using the computer
People who wear contacts often will feel their eyes dry, rough and very uncomfortable when facing the computer for a long time. This is because you blinked less. The common use contacts are made from macro-molecule material which has bad oxygen permeation effect and hinders the eyes from breathing directly and so make the cornea oxygen poor.
Besides, facing the computer for a long time makes the eye very tense. The normal people blink their eyes about 20 times every minute, while only blink 4 to 5 times every minute when facing the computer for a long time with contacts. If you have a bad health habit when using the contacts, it may cause keratitis, corneal ulcer ,or eye pain, photophoby, or even blepharospasm which will induce the neovascularization of corneal and finally affect the eye sight.

2.  had better do not wear contacts in spring
In spring, the fluctuating weather makes people easier to catch a cold and induce viral conjunctivitis and herpes simplex keratitis. At this time, the environment around eyes is very delicate and if you wear contacts often and do not pay attention to eye hygiene, it is very easier for you to worsen the inflammation. Also, there are a lot of pollen in the air in spring, and if the pollen comes into the eyes, it will make some people have allergic conjunctivitis.
What’s more, in spring and in the north of our country, there are always weather with wind and sand which will cause eye infections and other inflammations. Contacts established a good breeding environment for bacteria and viruses when wearing on eyes since they are fixed above the surface of eyeballs. When the pollen or san go into the eyes accidentally, it is easier for them to attach on the contacts and so cause bacteria and virus breeding.
Therefore, you are suggested to wear contacts as less as possible in spring when the weather is windy and sandy. This can not only prevent the sand from going into your eyes, but also the tears secreted by tear gland can wash sand away timely as long as there is sand in eyes.
3.  wearing contacts when you are having a cold will aggravate the inflammation
When you are having a cold, there are always slight retina inflammation and the contact s will aggravate the inflammation. What’s more, there are a lot of viruses and bacteria on the patient’s hands which is easier to go into the eyes when taking off and wearing contacts. In addition, many cold resistance medicines contain ingredients that can inhibit the secretion of tears and so cause the contacts too try and a bad transparency so as to affect the eye sight. Therefore, you are suggested not to wear contacts when you are having a cold.
4.  the eye contacts lens may be harder if you have ridden bicycles for a long distance
you had better not wear eye contacts if you rides bicycles or motor cars often. It is because when riding, the convection rate of the air around will be faster obviously, and so the water in eye contacts will be diminished significantly, and so the lens will be drier and harder. If this situation keeps for a long time, the harder lens may damage the corneal epithelial tissues and cause eye pain, itching, red and swollen, or even inflammation. In the meantime, foreign matter such as dust is easier to go into eyes when riding and then cause eye discomfort, or even infections.

5.  do not wear eye contacts during periods when the intraocular pressure is high
The intraocular pressure of female during periods is much higher than usual; the place around eyes is easier to congestion, and the female with dysmenorrheal has much worse condition. At this moment, wearing contacts will cause bad effects on eyeballs.
6.  eye contacts harm eyes badly when taking an airplane
when taking an airplane, the body will be in different environment with in floor, and if you taking the airplane with eye contacts, the eyes will be affected by the dry hair in engine room and the imbalance pressure and so cause all kinds of discomfort, such as there will be bubbles as long as taking off the lens and cause oxygen poor, is easier to cause corneal edema. This not only is easier to cause visual loss, but also may cause problems like corneal ulcer.
This is because the air pressure in upper air will affect the radian of corneal, and so the lens is easier to transform. This may also make the material of lens very delicate if through long term dry condition and may cause even worse problems as long as it cracks.
Therefore, before taking the airplane, you had better take off your eye contacts; you can prepare a pair of normal and convenient glasses. If you feel your eyes uncomfortable, you can close your eyes and have a rest, or do some simple eye massage, and then care it after you take off the airplane. Remember that never rub your eyes.

7.  the effects may be horrible if the pregnant wears eye contacts
According to the statistics, 30% of the pregnant who wear eye contacts will have some problems, and it may affect the normal life if do not cure timely, or even increase the difficulty because of the taboo of using medicine during pregnancy. The bad effects of pregnant woman wearing eye contacts should first be corneal damage, and also may cause some a series of conditions at the same time. The cornea tissue may be slightly swollen due to the huge change of internal secretion system of female during pregnancy which will increase the thickness of cornea; while the eye contacts hinders the contact of cornea and air, if the pregnant keep wearing eye contacts, it will increase the oxygen deficit degree of corneal, and lower the cornea sensitivity, and then cause acute cornea injury.
8.  wearing eye contacts when swimming will absorb bacteria
There are strict requirements for the environment of wearing eye contacts. No matter it is in swimming pool, or bathing beach, you should guarantee your eyes are be in the clean hygiene condition. The eye contacts lens has absorbability, and the pathogeny microorganism in water is easier to accumulate in lens, so you should not wear lens when swimming. As for people who wear eye contacts often, there are must be some inflammation originally, and the stimulation of dirty water will definitely makes it easier to induce eye disease. Epidemic conjunctivitis, trachoma and so on all can be infected through swimming.
The above introduced eight conditions that should not wear eye contacts; you should pay attention to those and care about our eyes. Eyes are the widow of our heart, a pair of clear eyes will give you a total different world.

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