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Five Bad Habits that May Make Your Life Ten Years Shorter

If you want to live a long life, you had better do not do following five things which may make your life ten years shorter! And if you have already done, you have to notice from now on and never indulge yourself even though there are remedies.
 Number one: unprotected sex
You may be infected with communicable venereal disease unconsciously. The expert points out that there are about 75% female carry chlamydia but with not obvious clinical symptoms. And most female with gonorrhea only show some slight symptoms like urinate discomfort, or there are yellow fluid from vagina and they never thought that they need treatment. Unprotected sex may infect male with these diseases. In addition, 80% male patients with genital herpes also do not have obvious clinical symptoms like pain. However, when digging into the research, you will find out that 75% male has been infected by HPV which is one of the most common communicable venereal diseases at present. It always do not have obvious symptoms, but can infect to female and cause cervical cancer if not cure timely.
If you do not have the habit of regular inspection, from now on, you should ask yourself to do this. You have to tell the doctor about your sex conditions honestly. Herpes is a kind of chromic disease and can be controlled by medicine to avoid pain and infection.
Number two:repeated weight loss
The medicine field used to think that repeated weight loss may cause metabolism disorders, decline of muscle density, or even sudden death. However, as the research goes deeper, the experts found out that above conclusion is not right, but the effect of repeat weight loss or gaining weight also is not optimistic. Recently, according to the research of University of Washington Medical Center, repeat dieting may cause long-term decline of immunity. Although the specific reason is still unknown, the researcher found out that repeat dieting can lower the viability and the ability to resist cold, infection and early-stage cancer.
As for people with heavy weight, losing 4.5 kg weight can lower the incidence of having hypertension and diabetes. Losing redundant fat is sure to be more healthy than with fat all over the body, but the key point is how to protect the dieting result. First of all, you have to find the reason for your obesity and get rid of the bad habits you had before; and then take actions according to the advice of nutritionist and your reception to lose weight scientifically and happily-- you have to not only control the amount of your meal, but also make sure that you absorb the nutrition human needs everyday. Next, you have to take exercise regularly which can not only lose weight but also promote burning of far to make your dieting effect more obvious and longer. At last, you have to insist doing no matter how good the dieting method is .
 Number three: Sunbathe
Many people think that sunbathe not only can bring charming skin color, but also health. However, do not look down upon sunshine-- frequent or long time sunbathe may also cause skin cancer or pro-senescence ( such as stain, wrinkle, loose skin and chap blood capillary and so on).  Although there is no one can prove that sunbathe itself has connection with skin cancer, the research shows that those who has been burned by sunshine is much more possible to suffer from melanoma ( skin cancer with highest death rate) than others. According to the latest research, among all the people who like sunbathe, the possibility of having melanoma of white people is three times higher than other species.
As for the way of taking sunbathe, "artificial" sunbathe is more harmful since the skin will absorb quite concentrated ultraviolet rays in a short time.

Remedy ( moderate effect):
There are a latent period of 10 to 30 years from sun burn to skin cancer. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on it if you have been burned by sunshine in your childhood. You had better check your skin every month to see if there is new occurrence of mole, or if there is color or shape change of old mole and if you find out any suspicious symptoms, you should go to the hospital immediately. Meanwhile, if you have many moles in your body, or you family may have had skin cancer because of sunbathe, you also should take a special skin inspection every year. Of course, there is one basic point that never accept direct sunlight without applying sunblock.
Number four: smoking and drinking
No matter you are a mild smoker only smokes when there is a social activity, or you are a heavy smoker who can not live without cigarette, the harmful ingredients in cigarette may enhance the risk of having heart disease, lung cancer or other diseases significantly. Specifically speaking, cancer mortality caused by smoking accounts for 30% of the total value of cancer death.
Drinking is easy to cause alcoholism, especially in the condition that your immediate family members had it. The medicine field defines alcoholism like this: have five or more bottles of beer once at a time, or the alcohol contend in blood is or higher than 0.08. People may have forgetfulness since lots of alcohol may kill brain neuron. It also may cause diseases like fatty liver, cirrhosis of liver,or even worse have to keep his life by transplanting liver.

As for those old smokers,is there any method to save their health? The answer is to give up smoking. The expert points out that even if one year giving up can reduce the risk of having heart disease effectively. If you insist for 15 or more years, the probability of having cardiovascular disease can be recovered to the level as if you have never smoked. As for the prevention of lung cancer, the researcher found out that the probability of having lung cancer will be reduced to half if giving up smoking for five years, and will be reduced to the normal level if giving up for ten years. During the period of giving up, you should have more fruit and vegetable with antioxidants which can promote the recovery of cells and eliminate cancerous free radicals. Meanwhile, you also should take part in exercise to strengthen your lung and promote blood circulation of lung.
If you are at early stage of drinking, you can start from now to regulate yourself that have at most one bottle of beer. As the absorption of alcohol declines, the liver is very possible to go back to normal state. Meanwhile, although we cannot revive dead brain neuron, the memory function of brain can be recovered as long as you do not have too much alcohol.
Number five: be in the noisy environment all the time
People who used to love listening to rock music will find out that your listening ability is much worse than before. Always being in the noisy environment will cause reception capacity of auditory system to medium wave sound declines, and sometimes you may can not hear clearly what others said, especially in the noisy environment. As time goes by, people will be more sluggish in high band sound, which means that the capacity to hear high pitch sound like doorbells, telephones declines.
Although hearing loss cannot be retrieved, we can take some measures to avoid the decline of hearing ability. For example, remember to turn down the voice of television or music; put on ear muff when using noisy electrical equipment like vacuum cleaner. It is common for people who like hearing music with loud volume to have tinnitus sometimes. Although this cannot be cured completely, you should go to the hospital if this symptom appears again to exclude other possibilities and learn the relieve method for it.

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