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Five Damages of Not Having Breakfast

As for the problem of whether not having breakfast will increase fat or not, some authority in Beijing had done a research once and found that only 2% of the energy and nutrition the white-collar have everyday come from breakfast; 30%of them come from lunch, and about 70% come from dinner and midnight snack. The famous nutritionist An Jianhua from the nutrition research center of Beijing Normal University reminds the female that long-term not having breakfast or having meal irregular is easier to cause gastrointestinal disease and calculosis. People who want to increase weight through not having breakfast would only get the opposite effect.

There are many bad effects of not having breakfast
Have good breakfast and have enough during lunch and have little in dinner. This saying is like this abroad: you should eat like king for breakfast, and like gentleman at lunch, and like poor people in dinner. The nutritionist suggests that the absorption amount of breakfast should account for 30% of total energy, and the lunch account for 40% of total, and dinner 30%. While in the proportion of breakfast energy resource, the energy that carbohydrate provides should account for 55% to 65% of total and fat account for 20% to 30%, protein account for 11% to 15%.

1. make your react slowly
Breakfast is the energy source of brain movement, and the body cannot provide enough blood sugar for consuming if you did not have breakfast, and you will feel tired, unable to concentrate, bad spirit and react slowly.
2. may cause chronic disease
Not having breakfast and begin your work with hunger will cause your body has no motion. So you body will try to get motion through using gland such as thyroid, accessory thyroid gland, pituitary gland to burn tissues which will cause not only gland overactive, but also make your quality sour and have chronic disease.
3. your stomach and intestines may "rise in rebellion"
Not having breakfast and not dining until noon to make your stomach be in hunger for a long time will cause too much secretion of gastric juice and so leads to gastritis and gastric ulcer.
4. constipation
Under the condition of regular three meals, human body will have gastro-colic reflex naturally, which, in other words, can promote defecation naturally; long-term not having breakfast will cause the disorder of gastro-colic reflex and so produce constipation.
5. easier to have gallstone
When people get up in the morning with an empty stomach, the gall in the gallbladder will make the cholesterol in the gall saturated after a night’s, or say twelve hours’, storage. In normal condition, if you have breakfast, the gallbladder will contract and so the cholesterol will coming out as the gall, so the calculus is not so easy to form; but if you do not have breakfast, the storage time of gall in the gallbladder will be too long as the stomach has been empty for too long which will cause the cholesterol in gall over-saturated and so leads to the accumulation of cholesterol and finally forms calculus.
Since breakfast is so important, then what kind of breakfast is most nutritious and suitable?

Breakfast should be various and can supplement vitamin.
A nutritious breakfast should include carbohydrate such as bread, porridge, and animal food like meat, egg, and milk, as well as soy bean milk, fresh vegetable and fruit. As the diet of modern people is too refined, so you had better choose whole grain bread with barley when buying bread so as to absorb more coarse fiber; having bread or biscuit first and then having milk or soy bean milk can help the absorption of calcium. "Having apple in the morning is gold, silver at noon, and bronze at night." The best effect of having fruit to supplement vitamin is in the morning.

You do not have to eat too much vegetable but can not be ignored. If you have no time to make vegetable in the morning, you can do it at last night and wrap it with fresh-keeping film and put in the refrigerator. For example, you can blanch the celery with water and then you can have it with salt. She also reminds that hot pickled mustard tuber only functions as seasoning without too much nutrition; food with too much salt should be had less. Ordinary people can have two boiled eggs everyday which will not make the cholesterol abnormal.
Below are some ideal breakfast collaborations:
1.   a cup of soy bean milk, an egg, a handful of strawberry, a steamed twisted roll
2.   milk, egg, cucumber, apple, a whole wheat bread
3.   jellied bean curd, egg, vegetarian bun, a small scratch of strawberry
4.   five peanuts, soy bean, three walnut to make juice, a piece of bread, apple
5.   porridge, three pieces of beef, a small dish of salad green vegetable
Above are the most ideal breakfast collaborations, but you can simplify it if you do not have enough time or because of something else. Modern people always have limited time because of busy work, and rarely have time to have a nutritious breakfast. Therefore, we can do as following.
1.   Steam some cooked wheaten food such as bun, steamed twisted roll at home and store them. You can have one every morning after heating in the microwave oven which can be the staple food of breakfast; if your time is limited, you also can choose bread. In a word, you should have some staple food with carbohydrate in the morning and so can have enough energy to support your work in the morning.
2.   Prepare some milk at hone and have a bag of it in the morning which can supplement protein, fat, and sugar as well as increase satiety.
3.   Take one or two seasonal fruit when you go out in the morning. You can have it in the morning or ten o’clock a.m.
4.   prepare some snacks like dry fruits in your workplace, and you can have it at ten o’clock a.m. which can supplement you energy coming from breakfast and let yourself have less at noon to avoid absorb too much energy.
If you even cannot do the above requirements, then you had better remember the words: “have less is better than not have, and have late is also better than not have.” In a word, you have to have breakfast.

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