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Have Some Vegetable Before Meal Can Promote Appetite and Moisten Intestines

I don't know if you feel familiar when talking about vegetables before meal. According to the medical scientist, having some vegetable before meal and kill virus effectively since there are plenty of nitrate in vegetables which can engender a kind of compound called nitric oxide when it comes into the stomach and the nitric oxide can kill harmful bacteria in the stomach. Therefore, having some vegetable before meal can has some certain effect of preventing from gastritis. In addition, if you had the vegetable all together with staple food, it will affect the absorption of nutrition and digestion.
Recommended dishes before meal:
Cut the carrot into pieces with vinegar which is both delicious and can enhance appetite and the the ability to resist infection.
Tomato is rich in citric acid and malic acid which is beneficial to the metabolism of human body and can increase gastric juice and strengthen the digestion of oily food. You can satisfy the need of vitamin C everyday if you have two to three tomatoes everyday.

Celery tastes delicious with delicate fragrance which can promote appetite. The root and leaf of celery is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C which is very suitable for people who lack of vitamin.
The vitamin C in papaya is much more than in orange which is helpful to digestion and can prevent from gastric ulcer.
Pea is beneficial to qi and neutralization, can produce saliva and slake thirst, dampness detoxification and has the effect of curing abdominal distention and hiccup and vomit.
Cabbage can nourish stomach and neutralization and eliminate worry through water.
Mushroom has the effect of strengthen spleen and stomach and promote appetite.

Pumpkin can supplement qi and detox and kill insects which is helpful to people who has weak spleen and stomach, or eats little, or has abdominal distention.
Having vegetable with empty stomach can let the nutrition of vegetable go into the blood  in a short time which is helpful to supplement physical strength and nutrition and make people energetic. Therefore, choosing several vegetables with good taste and appearance before meal.

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