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Having More Strawberry can Make Your Brain Two and a Half Year Younger

According to the latest report of Daily Mail in UK, the Annals of Neurology published a new research of Harvard University that having more strawberry and blueberry can prevent the elderly from mental recession.

The data of the latest research had 121700 female participating in the “American Nurse Health Research”. The research started from 1976, and the participated nurses are between 30 to 55 years old. Between year 1995 to 2001, 16010 nurses over 70 years old accepted one time cognitive function inspection every two years. The result found that having blueberry and strawberry often can make the brain recession of old woman delays for 2.5 years.

The scientists in the Associated Hospital of Harvard University, i.e. Brigham and Women’s Hospital said that although woman having blueberry and strawberry often may also other “exercising” healthy habit, the increasing of anthocyanin and flavonoid antioxidant definitely acts as the key factor for preventing cognitive ability. Pressure and inflammation are the two main reasons for damaging cognitive ability. So having more flavonoid substance can help reduce this harmfulness.

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