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How Should Girls Blow Hair

Many girls think that the most important step for doing a good hair-style is the modeling part. Perfect hair-style depends on hair tools and hairdressing methods. It is true that modeling is very important, but do not ignore the steps of washing and blowing hair. Some small habits may make your hair more beautiful or worse. If you want to make your hair keep the best state and become better and better, you should pay attention to the following details:
Let us look back, how do you wipe your hair after washing? Are you like most people that wrap the hair with towel and then rub repeatedly? When our hair is in the high temperature environment the chaff scale is open and the most delicate, rub repeatedly will disturb the direction of chaff scale and destroy the veins and damage your hair making them look dim. The correct way is to press with towel to let the towel absorb the water; wrap your hair for a while and then take off the towel. At last, you can choose blow-dry it with dryer or natural wind.

In fact, there are some methods for blowing hair. The first ten seconds of turning on the dryer, the radiation is much higher than usual. In addition, according to the investigation result of some authority, the grip and air outlet of dryer are the place with the highest electromagnetic wave value and the more powerful it is, the bigger radiation is. Therefore, we should keep our heads away from the dryer when turning on and turning off and blow your hair some time later after turning on. You also should control the time of using it, or rest for a while from time to time.
When blowing hair, should we blow the root or the end? The answer is root. When your hair root is dry, most of your hair end also are dry. At this time, you can let it dry itself. If you want to use curling to make hair-style, you had better do it when the hair is completely dry and apply some heat insulation essence and then do hair-style. It is because wet hair is much delicate than dry hair and is much easier to get hurt when heating.

If your hair is thin, soft and easy to be flat, you can blow hair with head down toward which not only can comply with the direction of chaff scale, but also let your hair root straight and fluffy. However, you should notice that when blowing hair with head down, do not let your head too close to your breast since if you do this for a long time, you may have neck wrinkle early.

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