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How to Eat Onion, Ginger, and Garlic

Onion, ginger and garlic are always be treated as good health care food which is cheap and beneficial. But, you should learn to use it correctly. According to different material and seasoning, they can have different effects.
1. Add more onion when cooking shellfish
Onion not only can relieve the cold of shellfish (such as screw, clam, and crab), but also can anti allergic.
When cooking, onion always be processed into traces and powders as the seasoning of salad, or processed into sections to be eaten with main staple after frying.
You also can spread it after cooking to make dish more delicious.

2. Add more ginger when cooking fish
Ginger can not only relieve the cold of fish, but also remove fishy smell.
There are many ways to have ginger: you can make ginger soup, ginger porridge; old ginger can be used as seasoning, and tender ginger can be used to fry, stir and quick-fry.
Add some ginger traces when heating oil; add some ginger pieces when cooking meat and frying fish; add some ginger powder when making dumplings; which will make the flavor fresh and help promote stomach and strengthen spleen, help digestion and promote the absorption of nutrition.

3. Add more garlic when cooking poultry meat
Garlic can increase flavor, so add more garlic when cooking chicken, duck, and goose which will make the meat more delicious and fragrant as well as prevent diarrhea caused by indigestion.
Garlic can be eaten raw, mashed up, cooking, and making soup.
Before pouring out the dish, adding some garlic powder can increase dish flavor.
When cooking fish or meat, add some garlic can remove the smell of fish and meat, and peculiar smell of the dish.
When doing salad, you can add some garlic to make it more spicy and fragrant.

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