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Illumination Prenatal Education Is Not So Reliable

Recently, "illumination prenatal education" is very popular on some parenting website and so many health channels all calling for" try illumination prenatal education to promote the visual education of the baby". This method is actually a little bit shocking: before sleeping every night, both mother-to-be and father-to-be touch the head of the baby with hands and then irradiate the abdominal wall with flashlight off and on for about five minutes with two to three times.

The expert of the gynaecology and obstetrics and ophthalmology department in Jiang Su People's Hospital said explicitly that this education is not reliable. The associate chief physician of women health care department in maternal and child health hospital in Jiang Su Province, Xuan Hongying said that: " at present, there is still not illumination prenatal education in the prenatal education science in Nanjing and i have never seen this kind of method before in major books." she also said that there is no scientific evidence for this education.
Generally speaking, fetus and baby are afraid of strong light and so the light may affect the sleep quality and growth development if the pregnant does not know whether the fetus is awake or sleep. Glow from the flashlight is long wave light which may hurt the eyes of the baby. The pregnant should be cautious about illumination prenatal education and do not implement it leisurely. It suggested to take a walk out to have some sunshine and take some fresh air which is much better to the mood of pregnant and the movement of baby.
The chief physician of the pediatric ophthalmology department in People's Hospital in Jiangsu, Liu Hu pointed out that the visual function of illumination prenatal education is useless. The formation of retina begins at the eight month of the baby and their eyes do not have light sensation at birth and cannot see anything. It is not until four month after birth did the key region that is responsible for the accurate vision in the retina begin to be mature. When the anatomic structure of baby eyes become mature, it needs both the "visual experience" from outside and the postnatal training to acquire normal visual function.
The expert suggested that the parents should participate the normal eye health care inspection of the baby after 42daysof baby birth, one year old, and before the baby go to school so that you can go to the ophthalmology for careful inspection as long as you find out anything. Liu Hu said that: " the time before four years old is the golden time for curing weak sight. The effect is better and the course is shorter , the cure rate is higher if the age is smaller. The older, the effect is worse. Older than 12 years old has surpassed the visual system development period and most patients cannot get satisfactory effect at that time."

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