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Litchis can Promote Blood Circulation, The Pregnant Should Be Careful

Now is the season for litchi, and Miss Wang who had two month pregnancy was sent into hospital for cure since she have had too much litchi and so caused threatened abortion. The expert reminds that litchis can promote the blood circulation, so the pregnant, especially those at early stage, should be careful about it.

Miss Wang loves litchi and had half of one kilogram litchi a few days before and then felt throat dry and pain, gum gall, and even there is little blood in vagina. The doctor of obstetrics and gynecology department in Wuhan First Hospital found out that she has had threatened abortion and the fasting blood glucose also out weighted the normal level.
According to He Yi, the director of obstetrics and gynecology department, litchi is a very good fruit since it has rich vitamin and can promote blood circulation of micro vessels and make skin smooth. At the same time, litchi has the effect of supplement spleen and liver, negotiate qi and supplement blood, stop pain, and calm down.

However, He Yi reminds that woman in early pregnancy should not have it since it can promote blood circulation and to avoid causing threatened abortion symptoms like abdominal pain and bleeding. Meanwhile, the total sugar amount of litchi is over 70%, so having too much will cause “internal heat”. The pregnant woman should not have too much a time or have too many times and pregnant woman who has throat dry and pain. Gum gall, nose bleeding caused by weak yin is forbidden to have litchi.

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