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Sea Tangle and Mushroom Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure

As for many hypertension patients, three meals everyday are very important besides of a correct and effective therapy method. Having more food which is helpful to health can be a helping role during your therapy. What kind of food should hypertension patients have?
Many food can help hypertension patients and so you can pay more attention to this on the Internet. Sea tangle: is rich in unsaturated fatty acid which can clear the cholesterol attached on the vascular wall; the dietary fiber in sea tangle can promote the excretion of cholesterol and control the absorption of cholesterol; rich calcium in sea tangle can lower the absorption of cholesterol of human body and reduce blood pressure. These three substance working together can have a better effect of hypolipidemic and is of great dietary value. Mushroom: according to the research, it can reduce cholesterol in blood and prevent from atherosclerosis and vascular degrade which is the ideal food for preventing from CVD.

Except the food mentioned above, there are some other food is useful to hypertension patients. Ginger: contains an organic compound similar to salicylic acid and the dilute solution of this substance is the diluent and antigelling agent of blood which is very useful to hypolipidemic, reducing blood pressure and preventing the thrombus from forming. Soft-shelled turtle: has the effect of nourishing yin and tonic. The experiment proves that it can reduce the cholesterol content after having high fat food.

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