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Seven Things in Daily Life that Increase Immunity

Abstract: you have got vomiting and diarrhea while others did not after you had the same dish in party; you catch a cold usually; you feel tired at work. All these symptoms show that your immunity is low. Low immunity makes people easier to get sick. How to enhance immunity? Here are seven things that you can do everyday to enhance immunity.
Various reasons can cause immune system works abnormally, and in this condition, it is easier to be affected by bacteria, viruses, fungus. Therefore, the direct phenomenon of low immunity is easier to get sick. Frequent sick increase the consumption of human body, so there are various symptoms like poor quality, mal-nutrition, mental fatigue, physical fatigue, low appetite and sleep disorder. Also getting sick and have medicine have become your ordinary fare. It takes a long time for you to recover from sickness and would repeat frequently.
The underlying reason is the low immunity or unsound immunity. When the immune function is out of balance, or the immune system is unsound, following problems will happen repeatedly: cold, tonsillitis, asthma, pneumonia, diarrhea… so you had better do not underestimate it.

Normal symptoms for low immunity
1. always feel tired
You have no passion toward work and feel tired after doing a little work; you go to the hospital and find no actual problem; your spirit comes back again after a period of time but again comes the tiredness a few days later.
2. constant cold
Cold has become your ordinary fare ; you sneezes immediately as then weather is cold; it takes a long time to recover after a long period.
3. the wound is easier to be affected
When some part of your body has been wounded incautiously, the wound became red and swollen, or even suppurates. Normal people will get better soon but it will take a while for a while; or some part of your body such as your hip has had a small boil which is itchy and painful, it also will take your more time to recover.
4. easier to have gastrointestinal disease
You vomit and have watery stools after having a normal dish in a restaurant, while others are all right. All these are the phenomenon of low immunity.

Seven things that can enhance immunity

1. Go to sleep between nine o’clock and eleven o’clock in the evening.
People have five sleeping peaks in a day. The first one is 11 p.m. you only can fall asleep in 2 a.m. in the morning which is the second peak after you missing your first one. When the sleeping peak comes, the immune system has the strongest recovery ability. If you cannot fall asleep before 11 p.m. you will have low immunity and diseases.
2. walking in the grassland or yellow land with bared feet or wearing straw sandals for 15 to 30 minutes after you getting up
People will contact a lot of electric appliance and absorb electromagnetic wave. Walking with barefoot or wearing straw sandals can rule out the electromagnetic wave through foot plate.
3. Rub your thymus with hands for 200 times everyday.
Thymus is four-finger wide distant from the indentation below the calvicle. Rub the two sides of thymus with hollow fist to enhance immunity.
4. Have three meals everyday and do not have meat, egg, milk that contains transgenic or catalyst.
The recipe should contain fruit, vegetable, grains among which sweet potato is the best food.
5. Have 3000 ml water everyday to clean your intestines.
Here is the tip that does not have purified water.
6. Get rid of all the negative and passive ideas; do not talk about negative works.
7. Treasure a grateful heart all the time and thank others often.

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