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Supplement Tyrosine to Improve Attention

Although brain is small, it is the main part in human body needs nutrition. Recently, the American “Have a good mind” website published a passage introducing the six nutrients that brain needs most.
1. architect brain: healthy fat
Most brain-cell structures need healthy fat. The self-repair and renovation of brain will consume a lot of omega-3 fatty acids.
Main food resource: salmon, tuna, linseed oil, colza oil, wheat germ, and egg.

2. protect brain: antioxidant
As you become older, the free radicals flowing in your blood will dissolve brain cells and finally cause memory loss. Antioxidant can resist the free radicals. So you have to eat more food with antioxidant.
Food resource: blueberry or strawberry, broccoli, carrot, garlic, grape, spinach, soy bean, tea, tomato and whole grain food.

3. stimulate brain: high tyrosine proteins
Some nerves need tryptophan or tyrosine to transport substances. Supplement trytophan or tyrosine can promote the sensitivity and attention. These nutrition need to be supplemented from food.
Food resource: dairy product, egg, seafood, soy bean.

4. nourish brain: water
Even if mild dehydration reduces energy and damage memory, so you have to have at least 1200 ml water everyday (about six glasses). You need to have even more water in hot summer or doing exercise.

5. brain building blocks: vitamin and minerals
Vitamin B6, B12, vitamin C, iron, and calcium are the “necessary block” for building brain. If you are lack of these nutrients, your leaning ability will decline, so you must guarantee comprehensive balanced diet.
If it is difficult for you to have much food, you can have multi-vitamin. Keep in mind that do not have vitamin with an empty stomach, but have it with other food which is easier to absorb and can avoid discomfort of gastro and intestines.
6. regulate energy: dietary fiber
The energy that supports the operation of brain all rely on blood sugar. Dietary fiber can help stable blood sugar which is beneficial for brain.
Food with dietary fiber: vegetable, soybean, nut, fruit, whole grain and so on.
Finally, having less food with much sugar and fat also can protect the brain.

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