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Technically Taking Bags Can Prevent Mouse Hand

As a man, are you always have the experience of taking bag for a lady? The national sport fitness expert Zhao Zhixin said that next time if there is someone asks you to take for her, you cannot refuse because that will be a good time to exercise your body.

Zhao Zhixin advised that take the handbag with one hand and put another hand behind your head; and then drop naturally with the handbag while your body bends toward the same side; and at last, lift the handbag slowly until your body recovers straight.
This movement can be do alternatively with two sides and it can exercise the power of your waist and hand.

Another method is to take the bad with two hands and stand with your legs open at the same width with the shoulder, eyes look forward, arms raise laterally with palm up toward, and then collect your palm with your wrist power and then let the back of your hand up toward and raise your hand with wrist power.
This can practice your wrist muscle and prevent from mouse hand.

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