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Three Collaborations of Having Yogurt

Yogurt is the treasure product of weight loss. It also can enlarge breast.

One of the important reasons for many girls liking yogurt is that they think it would not cause fat no matter how much they had. However, they have no idea that the correct way of having yogurt also has the effect of enlarging breast. It is true that yogurt has some effects of losing weight and it is mainly because there are a lot of x Acidophilus in it which can balance the flora in human body effectively and promote the gastrointestinal motility so as to relieve constipation. There are some certain relation between long-term constipation and weight increase. What's more, yogurt can make people feel satiety and it can relieve the pressing appetite effectively when you feel a little bit hungry so as to decrease the amount you are going to have next meal.
However, it doesn't mean you won't be fat no matter you had much. It contains some certain heat and will cause weight increase if you had extra amount on the basis of your original diet. The best way is to choose yogurt tagged with degrease and low-fat. Although their flavor is not so good as the full cream yogurt, it is low fat and would not accumulate heat in your body or cause fat.
Green papaya is the first and best breast enhancement product since ancient times and both Lin Xilei and Xu Huaiyu use it to enlarge breast. It is because there are rich papain and vitamin A in it which can stimulate the secretion of estrogen and help enlarge breast that being called the best. The papain even can decompose protein and promote the absorption of protein. It can have better  effect with meat products.

Here are some practical collaborations to enlarge breast and make your figure more beautiful.
Method one: yogurt and condensed milk and a green papaya. 150 ml of sugar-free yogurt collaborated with two spoonful of condensed milk and then add green papaya juice while stirring. You can have it immediately, or you can put it into the refrigerator for a better taste.
Method two: yogurt and condensed milk. 150ml of yogurt collaborated with two spoonful of condensed milk ; stir them, then it is done. Have it before every meal.
Method three: yogurt and condensed milk and breast massage. You can make a little bit more when making the drink, so you can apply it to your breast after your shower. Massage clockwise and counter-clockwise in turn for at least 15 minutes until your breast feels hot.
It is ideal to have a glass of milk in the morning and a glass of yogurt in the evening everyday. However, there are some people who like yogurt very much and have it after meal which may cause weight increase. This is because yogurt itself has heat and having yogurt after meal is extra absorption of heat which will gain weight.
Therefore, people, except for the baby, all are suggested to have one or two glasses of yogurt (125 to 250ml) everyday, and had better have it half an hour or one hour later after meal which can regulate the flora in the intestinal tract and is good to health.

Health tips: can yogurt be warmed?
Have a glass of icy yogurt will make your intestine and stomach feel uncomfortable. Therefore, some people want to have it heated, but some other people say that heating will ruin the nutrition.
In fact, yogurt is ok to be warmed. The reason why people say yogurt is not suitable for heating is that they are afraid of killing the most valuable lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. The function of lactic acid bacteria is that it can produce lactic acid and increase the acidity in the intestinal tract. It also can inhibit the growth of putrefying bacteria and so reduce toxins produced by putrefying bacteria. Heating yogurt will increase the activity of lactic acid bacteria which has better health care effect. Therefore, yogurt can be drinked after heating. You can put the yogurt with package together into the 45 centigrade warm water for heating slowly and you can drink it when you feel the package is warm.

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