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Three Movements after Meal Can Get rid of redundant belly

First movement: bending with abdomen in exercise
1.  Close your legs and knee on the floor with your leg and calf 90 degree angle; support the floor with your tiptoes and lean forward with your upper part; stretch your arms and support the floor with your palms; tighten your waist, abdomen and hip muscle; make your upper part keep balance with the floor with your heads down.
2.  Lift your hip slowly and stretch your legs at the same time with your sole on the floor; your upper part and two arms form a line to make your body and the floor a right angled triangle.

3.  Raise your right leg meanwhile inhale; tighten your knees and elbows to make your right leg and the upper part, arms become a straight line.
4.  exhale slowly and put down your hip; pull forward your upper part to go back to the position when your body is leveled with the floor; then stretch your left leg; bend your shoulders again; knee your right leg and put it away under your breast; exhale again and raising your right leg with hips up. Do this five times with right and left leg respectively.
Second movement: standing with abdomen in exercise
1.  Stand with your left leg straight and the center of gravity all falls on your left leg; bend your right leg and hold the thigh and heel with your hands; put the right ankle on your left knee and fix it.
2.  Keep balance; let your hands go and stretch them forward with palms down; square your shoulder with abdomen in and tighten your hip muscle down; keep this position for several seconds.
3.  take a deep breath meanwhile bend forward your left knee with hip down to let your thigh and calf form a 90 degree angle; squat with your upper part leaning forward slightly and your arms still holds forward; inhale again and stand back to the position; do this for 15 times.

Third movement: lie down with abdomen in exercise
1.  close your legs and sit down with your knees bending slightly; form a 90 degree angle between the thighs and calves with your heels touching the floor; lean back your upper part with elbow touching the floor in the behind and support your body with lower arms;
2.  keep the position and tighten your knees; raise your calf up and stretch your legs with the assistance of your waist and abdomen; but you must control your power in case fall down on the floor;
3.  keep the position of supporting backward with upper part and your legs stretching up; inhale and open your legs as larger as possible;
4.  exhale and close your legs to let two legs cross on the knees with right leg on top; tighten the muscles inside thighs;
5.  exhale and then inhale; open your legs and then cross two legs in the air with exhale; change the position of two legs; do this for 15 times.

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