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Bath Tub with Handy Bag Can Cure Knee Pain

Many people will have arthralgia in summer since the time of having air conditioner is quite long. According to the research of the Labor Ministry of Japan, there is one people in four suffers form the knee pain. The associate professor of College Sports Division in some university of Japan said that the way to prevent and cure knee pain is very important. For example: lie on your back with abdomen in, and put your hands beside on your abdomen and tighten one of your leg; raise 30 cm high and hold your breath for ten seconds. Then change to another leg and repeat this movement. This is to reduce the burden on knees through exercising leg and abdominal muscle.

Although prevention is very important, for those who suffers knees pain for a long time, quick cure method is more important. The associate professor invented a set of bathtub with handy bad knee joint exercise which has great cure effect. This set of exercise is effective and has been reported specifically. As its name shows, this is going on in bathtub and is very simple:

1.   Adjust the temperature to 39 degree and prepare a handy bad before you go into the bathtub.
2.   after going into the bathtub, first open your right arm and stretch it between your two knees; put the handy bad on your pal, and then move your handy bag from right to left; then move the bad with the back of your hand from left to right. Do this repeatedly for five times with right hand and left hand respectively.
3.   put the bad on the back of your feet and move your leg up toward centered on kneed; then put the bag under your feet and move down centered knee. Repeat this for five times with two feet respectively.
4.   ut the bag in water, and move the bad with feet centered hip joint and put the bad on the left side of feet when moving to the left and vice versa.
This movement can promote the blood circulation of knees and take away the waste stagnated in knees so as to relieve knee pain.

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