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Be Away From Food that Damages Yang in summer

Abstract: as the old saying goes: a close mouth catches no flies. Inappropriate dieting is the first factor that damages yang of human being. Yang is warm and so all cold food will damage yang.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, health care should start from protecting yang. Those foods that we thought was nutritious in our daily life might be damaging our yang slowly.

Cold drink, please keep a distance with it
The first thing is cold drink. In summer, people will have a lot of cold drink in order to remove heat. Man will have icy beer while woman likes ice cream and icy drink. Ordinary people like having icy watermelon. This cold will damage human body after getting into your body since your body needs a lot of yang to resist these cold. Thus, yang in human body will be consumed finally.

Sea food, please control the amount
Besides cold drink which you can directly feel cold, there are many other foods or drinks that belong to cold according to traditional Chinese medicine although it feels not cold, such as sea food. Among sea food, most are cold except fish, shrimp and abalone such as crab, clam, oyster. Therefore, as for sea food like crab, you cannot have too much, and you had better dip some ginger juice to let the warm of ginger juice inhibit the cold. Some people will have stomachache as long as he has crab. The reason is that the cold attribute of crab damaged the stomach yang.

Fruit is not “the more, the better”
Most fruits are cold, such as watermelon, pear and navel orange. Girls who are on a diet always do not have staple food but have fruit and vegetable instead. They will have symptoms like dysmenorrheal, little menstruation, no menstruation and so on as time goes by. This is because their dieting habit damages their yang and they cannot supplement yang timely since they do not have grains and meat, etc. without grain and meat to supplement yang, the yang in human body will be insufficient and many fruits and vegetables damage yang constantly and so ends in weak yang strong yin. This kind of cold stagnated in the uterus and then forms the “palace” as well as a series of menstrual disorders. Therefore, not having more fruit means healthier. You should also control the amount and had better do not have with empty stomach but after meal.

Green tea, with moderate amount
As tea, black tea is warm while green tea is cold. Green tea has the effect of clearing heat.  Having green tea moderately can let your throat, and mouth and brain feel cool and comfortable. However, anything should not be over. Do not drink green tea too much or else will damage yang and cause yang insufficient. This disadvantages of this kind of drinking overweight the advantages.

You also should know that tea cannot be drunk with empty stomach. Having tea with empty stomach will let cold of tea goes down directly to your lower part and damage yang. Many people have symptoms like palpitation and dizziness after drinking with empty stomach which is the demonstration of weak yang. The correct way of drinking should be after meal which can help digest and clear heat and would not damage human body.
The misunderstanding of having a glass of cool water in the morning
I don’t know this kind of health care method began to be popular: having a glass of cool water in the morning which is called to regulate internal secretion and is said to loose the bowel and relieve constipation. However, having cool water in the morning with empty stomach will hurt the lower part of human people badly. Therefore, this kind of health care method is not good. You should have warm water instead.

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