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Eating Basic Food in summer Can Resist Fatigue

In hot summer, people are easier to feel tired. Some people will feel more tired when at work than others. Then how to prevent from the fatigue? We can have a look that what can we eat to remove fatigue.
Vitamin and food with vitamin:
Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C and so on are the necessary substance for human body. They can remove the metabolic production in human body which will make people gain activity again. Vitamin E also can resist aging and remove fatigue. In addition, soy bean, carrot, the liver and heart of pig and sheep, and the coarse cereals all have vitamin.

There is rich natural base and caffeine in tea. It also contains vitamin C and other nutrients. Having tea can strengthen the breathing function, energize, promote the secretion of phenylephrine and help remove fatigue.

High protein food:
High protein food such as tofu, milk, goat’s milk, egg, beef, mutton, poultry meat, and fish all can supplement the heat consumed by human body and then remove fatigue quickly.

Basic food:
Basic food has the function of balancing the state of human body being a little acid and so as to recover physical strength. Fruit and vegetable like banana, cucumber, and eggplant is nutritious and basic which are good to remove fatigue.

Chinese traditional medicine:
The ginseng, pseudo-ginseng, lucid ganoderma, fructus schizandrae, manyprickle acanthopanax root, white fungus, radix ophiopogonis, and donkey-hide glue can support the healthy energy and yang, supplement qi and produce energy, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis. They can improve the mechanis of human nervous system, increase human activity and remove fatigue.

In summer, you can remove fatigue through diet, especially for the office worker, you can try to remove fatigue through dieting since you do not have much time to exercise.

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