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Had Better Do Not Have Mutton and Dog Meat in autumn

Abstract: many people will think about mutton, dog meat which has strong warming enforcing as long as mention about nourishing. In fact, mutton and dog meat are more suitable to be eaten in winter and is not suitable to be eaten in autumn, or else, you may have symptoms like nose bleeding and throat pain.

The traditional Chinese medicine thinks that people will attacked by autumn-dryness disease in autumn and demonstrate different degree symptoms like dry skin, constipation, dry mouth, nose and throat, and dry cough with little phlegm. In order to prevent this, you should have more food that can nourish lung and yin, promote salvia, reduce dry. While as for mutton and dog meat which can warm kidney, promote yang, supplement qi, people will get “excessive fire” after having it, and will turn warm to dry, hurt yin and accelerate the insufficiency of salvia. This only makes things worse for people who are dry in autumn. Especially for people with weak yin and hot fire quality who are easier to get excessive fire usually, they should not have mutton and dog meat, or else it is easier for you to have nose bleeding and throat pain.

However, since you want to nourish, meat is necessary. Then what kind of meat is suitable in autumn? Duck, rabbit, pigeon, soft-shelled turtle, sea cucumber are all suitable to this season, duck is not only rich in protein, but also can supplement the excessive consumption in summer timely and it is cool which can nourish yin and stomach, and strengthen spleen. Rabbit is easier to digest which contains higher protein, lower cholesterol and is cool which can supplement qi. It is the best nourish food in autumn for the middle aged and older people and people with CDC and obesity. Pigeon and soft-shelled turtle and sea cucumber all are neutral in nature which can nourish kidney and qi. They are the best dietary therapy food for people who are deficiency in kidney.

Besides, you also can have some neutral fish in autumn, such as cuttlefish which can nourish blood and yin; corvine which can strengthen spleen and promote appetite; silverfish which can supplement deficiency, strengthen stomach and is beneficial to lung; pomfret which can supplement stomach and blood; and crucian which can strengthen spleen and stomach. But you have to remember that have less or do not have warm fish like hairtail, silver carp and eel.

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