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Having Water Carelessly May Cause Poisoning in Sauna Days

In July, the temperature is higher and higher in summer and the “enthusiasm” of sun is warmer and warmer. People have to protect you well when going out. Last year, the country issued several times hot emergency of hot, the highest temperature of some cities even climb to over 40 centigrade! You have to know that 42 centigrade can boil the egg. People are easy to sweat in hot summer, and as the loss of perspiration, the body will also lose a lot of water and electrolyte and then get sun stroke. Sun stroke always accompanied with nausea, choking sensation in chest, or even worse coma, and clouding of consciousness.

But you should to know that as the temperature is higher and higher in summer,
what you lose along with perspiration is not only water, but also electrolyte such as potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium that human body needs. If you pay attention to it, you will find that there will be white trace in your clothes and this is caused by electrolyte losing. Therefore, “supplement water” is the first health care class we should grasp in this season. A seemingly small story actually contains some big knowledge. For example, if you had too much water and cannot rule them out and just let them accumulated in your body, the body will be swelling up, or even water poisoning. According to the report of BBC, a competitor named Jennifer said that she felt acute headache after participating a drinking water competition and then she went home and some time later she was found dead. The conclusion from the hospital is water intoxication. Therefore, in order to avoid water intoxication, you should grasp the keynote to supplement water and keep a good supplement water habit.
Here is a little tip for how to preventing sun stroke—drink electrolyte beverage to prevent sunstroke. The researcher analyzed the perspiration ingredients and found that perspiration is composed by water, sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. the occurrence of sunstroke is because not only water coming out with perspiration, but also the necessary electrolyte. You will find there are white traces on your clothes which is caused by the electrolyte loss. Therefore, besides water, you also should supplement electrolyte. After sweating, if we only pay attention to supplement water but do not supplement electrolyte, you only dilute the electrolyte density in your body and so send more signals to the brain and rule more water in order to balance the electrolyte density and finally cause spontaneous dehydration. This is why you will sweat a lot after having water and always feel thirsty after having water! Therefore, you should supplement electrolyte and water at the same time.
How to supplement electrolyte? The most simple and effective way is to use electrolyte beverage as your ordinary drink..

The expert says that sunstroke can happen on anyone despite of your age, and all are high-risk group if prevent inappropriate. In summer, the air-conditioner always is in use and office worker is very easy to get sunstroke when going into the high temperature outside from cool indoor place. There are also come white-collar who sit in the office all day and exercise less and rarely feel thirsty. They only drink when they feel thirsty. This is just like irrigate land only when it is crazing which is very bad to health. Prepare a bottle of Pocari Sweat in office which can not only prevent skin dry in air conditioning room, but also can prevent sunstroke when going out. People will lose about 720 ml water if walking in the sun for about an hour, and the water and electrolyte will lose more if do more sports or work. Therefore, in summer, the elderly and the children have more indoor activities; young friends like to go shopping. In this condition, as long as you forget to supplement water timely, it is easier for you to be dehydrating. Remember to take a bottle of Pocari Sweat with you when go out so as to supplement water and electrolyte timely. This is especially important for those business personnel who always go out, and workers who work in the high temperature for a long time, driver who drives outside for a long time and staff in factory or mineral estate.

In order to avoid harm body by the sunstroke, you first should avoid being in the sun for too long. When sunstroke happens, do not panic, you should find it early and deal with it timely. If you or someone else have these symptoms: blush or pale, rapid breathing, dizziness, vomit, tinnitus, and choking sensation in chest and so on, you should immediately go to some place is cool and with good ventilation; uncover your clothes, and wipe your whole body to promote blood circulation and help physical cooling, meanwhile supplement electrolyte.

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