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How Long Should You Take the Afternoon Nap?

Afternoon nap means a lot to female health care. In summer, it is very easy for you to get tired and have an afternoon nap will make your energetic the whole afternoon and also can help lose weight, enhance memory, and keep heart health. However, there are five points female should pay attention to about afternoon nap and so you can maximize the health care effect of afternoon nap.
Have afternoon nap every day is good to heart
In 2007, the Public Health School of Harvard University has conducted a research on 24,000 adults and found out that the possibility die of heart disease is 40% lower of people taking afternoon nap than those who do not. A research of the Allegheny College found that taking 45 minutes afternoon nap also can lower blood pressure. The director of Sleep Obstacle Research Center in Tomas Jefferson University, Karl thinks that in fact, one person do not need to sleep long at noon and just need to head down and close your eyes when you feel tired.

Take afternoon nap between 12 to 13 o’clock can avoid gaining weight
An early research in Columbia University compared the relationship between sleep pattern and obesity and found that people who sleep 5 to 7 hours every night are 50% possible to become fat than those who have 7 to 9 hours; the possibility of being fat increases by 73% of people who only sleep 2 to 4 hours every day. Between 12 and 13 at noon, the physical ability of most people will recess and so this is the best time to have afternoon nap. Also, you should not sleep too late at noon. Afternoon nap after three p.m. will affect the sleep quality of night.
Take a nap is good to female health
One research of the National Sleep Foundation of USA found that one thirds of female will feel too tired to have sex desire. Sleep is just like sex life which does not need to be limited in bed. People can have their afternoon nap anywhere. You can sit in front of the office desk and take a nap. If the condition is limited and you cannot sleep in sofa, you can pave a yoga mat or exercise mat on floor.
Have a cup of coffee before taking afternoon nap
Lack of sleep will increase the possibility of having accidents for driver and shift work workers. A research published in the Sleep and Biological Rhythms showed that ten-minute nap can increase the alertness of human body significantly. The research also found that have a glass of beverage that contains caffeine before you take a nap can enhance the alertness of driver which is much more effective than having coffee or sleep only. This is because the effective ingredient of caffeine needs 30 minutes to go into brain. So after sleep, the body will enhance alertness since the caffeine density will be higher in body.

Take ten-minute nap can enhance memory and creativity
Sleep can turn the temporary memory into permanent memory. According to the research of University of California in Berkeley found that people will lose partial ability to absorb new knowledge and afternoon nap can reverse this recession. A research published on the Sleep and Biological Rhythms showed that ten-minute nap is the best time for recover recognition function. But as for the thinking process of creativity and strengthening important memory, you need to take at least 60 to 90 minutes nap.

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