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Seven Bad Eating Habits May Ruin the Good Food

1.   sweet potato
Sweet potato contains rich vitamin A and antioxidant and has the effect of anti-inflammation. Therefore, it is one kind of tuber vegetable that you cannot miss. But, fried sweet potato is the taboo for healthy dieting. This is because fried food contains a lot of fat and calorie, so fried sweet potato never is the healthiest method to have this orange color food. Stewing potato is good way to eat only if does not add with butter and brown sugar and grind potato into paste. You also can stew potato dices or bake the entire potato. If you really want to eat frying potato, here is a tip. You can bake potato with microwave oven. Choose organic potato since its peel contains rich cellulose and you can enjoy it.

2.  broccoli
Many people cannot digest broccoli, or have to chew the cooked broccoli with strength. Cooking broccoli is the traditional way to eat broccoli, but is the unhealthiest way to eat it which will lose a lot of nutrition. When enjoy this green vegetable, you can stem it or fry it for several seconds to make the gem slightly soft and its color lighter.

3.  soy bean
Sacred protein and cellulose! Soy bean is not dear with low fat, so it is a good choice for nutritious diet. The problem is most soy beans are put in the pot with a BPA on their film. This kind of chemical agent may cause cancer, induce heart disease, or even cause sexual precocity. Tinned soy bean also has a lot of sodium, so you had better soap the soy bean or boil it with water first.

4.  peanut butter
Having peanut butter can obtain protein quickly. Do you like the flavor of peanut butter? Peanut butter actually is to grind the peanut up. But if you do not notice the specification on the pot, it also may contain addictive sugar, salt, and hydrogenated oil. Choose natural peanut butter, or make it yourself to avoid have unnecessary fat and sugar.

5.  preserved fruit
When you want to absorb enough sugar quickly and healthily, preserved fruit is a good and healthy choice. But the prerequisite is that there is no sugar on the surface of preserved fruit. You must choose preserved fruit with no addictive sugar. Sometimes you can judge it through seeing the preserved fruit, sometimes you need to check the specification.

6.  apple
Apple is the best snack since it is sweet and juicy with rich fiver and can make you full. Most vitamin and minerals is hiding in the peel, such as vitamin A, C, calcium, potassium, folic acid and iron. Therefore, if you peel the peel, you are throwing away all the nutrition. If it is permitted, you had better choose organic apple and chew the entire red peel or green peel up.

7.   milk
“Every one has milk” is quite popular once, and many people treat milk as the first choice of healthy food. But many wrong method of having it let the nutrition all go away or even hurt health. Some people like to eat dense milk and think it can guarantee the absorption of nutrition; some people like to add sugar or chocolate in milk; some people like to have medicine with milk. All these are unhealthy way of eating. Healthy way of having milk is to match with starch food like bun, bread to make the milk stay in mouth and then swallow it which can prolong the time staying in the stomach and help the intestinal tract absorb food.

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