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Shrug Shoulders Everyday Can Relieve Periarthritis in Shoulder

Periarthritis in shoulder is degenerative change and chronic bacteria-free inflammation that mainly happens on the soft tissues around shoulder joint. It is also called frozen shoulder which is quite common.
Physical exercise therapy, teach you ten movements to cure your periarthritis in shoulder:

1.Swing arms. Raise your arms up on your head with palms outside; swing naturally up toward with waist shaking for 36 times; at last swing your arms every direction for 18 times respectively.
2.Clap shoulders. Clap your left shoulder with right palm in medium rate and your left hand clap the back; then clap the right should with left palm and the back with right hand for 50 times in total.
3.Stretch shoulders. Stretch your left shoulder and right shoulder respectively with medium rate and then do it alternatively for 36 times totally.
4.Overhang exercise. Do overhang exercises with the assistance of horizontal bar or trunk. Do this step by step.
5.Rotate shoulders. Rotate your shoulders with medium rate forward and backward for 18 times. And then do it alternatively for 18 times.
6.Shrug shoulders. Shrug your shoulders with medium rate first and then do alternatively for 100 times. Shrug exercise is the key therapy for curing periarthritis of shoulder which can relieve shoulder pain effectively.

7.Pressing head with hands. Lie on your back with legs stretch up; put your palms under your brain with palms up toward; press your palm with head tightly; press the side you feel hurt for at least 20 minutes every time. Do this every day before getting up and before you go to bed, and insist for a month, you will feel your shoulders are not painful any more.
8.Swing one arm or arms. First of all, put your right hand on hip and swing left arm for 18 times forward and backward respectively; then change to another side; at last swing both arms with your arms closed before your breast and stretch them and swing them respectively for 18 times both forward and backward.
9.Wave balls. Wave upward: hold your arms like a ball and raise up on head with your head up slightly; then wave the invisible ball up-left-down-right for 18 circles with your eyeballs moving as hands; then do it another 18 circles in the opposite direction. Wave downward: also hole your arms like a ball, bend your waist 50 degrees, and then wave the invisible ball from the top of your head up-right-down-right for 18 circles; then do it in the opposite direction. This is to active your shoulder and elbow as well as negotiate your channels and collaterals, active your blood circulation.
10.Touch the wall. Stand at the foot of a wall, hold the wall with one hand, and touch the wall with another hand from bottom to top until you cannot touch the point. Repeat this movement for 36 times.

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