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Take less Shower Can Relieve Skin Itch

When your skin itches, do not scratch it and do not wash it with hot water, but reduce the times of having shower moderately and shorten the bath time, or else it will hurt the skin and make your nerves more exciting and aggravate the itch symptom. In the meantime, do not use alkaline soap with strong cleaning function frequently, or else the inflammation will be aggravated. The patients should not have spicy food and have less shrimp, crab, beef, and mutton.

When your skin itches, why not have some tea? There are rich trace elements in tea leaf which can protect the skin. Manganese is one of the necessary trace elements for human body which spreads in all human tissues. It can react with many enzymatic to promote protein metabolism and enhance the absorption and usage of protein as well as promote the excretion of harmful material, and reduce bad stimulation to skin. manganese also can strengthen the activity of some enzyme, catalyze the metabolism of some certain vitamin, guarantee the normal work of sebum metabolism, prevent skin dryness and strengthen the ability of human body to anti-dermatitis.

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