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The Secret Function of Scrambled Egg with Tomato

Many people would say scrambled egg with tomato if they were asked about the first dish they learn to do. It is one of the most common dishes in the public and also has amazing effect that you cannot underestimate.
Nine magic effects of scrambled eggs with tomato.

1.  Tomato contains rich carotene, vitamin B and vitamin C, and the content of vitamin P is top on the list among other vegetables. The vitamin C, sugar and rutin in tomato all have the effect of anti-scorbutic, nourish skin, protect blood vessels, lower blood pressure and help digest.
2.  lycopene contains vitamin and mineral elements that can protect the cardiovascular system and reduce the occurrence of heart disease.
3.  lycopene has special antioxidant ability and can remove free radicals, protect cells, prevent the DNA and genes from being damaged, and prevent the process of cancerization. Besides prevent from prostate cancer, tomato also can reduce the occurrence of pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, laryngeal carcinoma, oral cancer, breast cancer.
4.  Tomato also contains vitamin C which can help produce saliva and slake thirst, strengthen stomach and digest, cool blood and calm down liver, clear heat and detoxify, and reduce blood pressure. This is good to assist the curing of hypertension patient and kidney disease patients. Having more tomatoes can anti aging and keep your skin white.
5.  The nicotinic acid in the tomato can keep the normal secretion of gastric juice, promote the formation of red blood cell, maintain the vascular wall flexible and protect skin. Eating tomato also is helpful to prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease. Tomato is juicy and so can help diuretic. So the nephritis patients also can have it.
6.  Egg is a magic in nature. An egg that has been fertilized can hatch a small chick itself in the suitable temperature without any help from outside. This is enough to demonstrate the nutrition of eggs.

7.  Egg has rich nutrition and it contains protein, fat, lututrin, lectithin, vitamin and minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium that human needs. The most prominent advantage of egg is that it contains the best protein in nature.
8.  egg is rich in DHA and lecithin and so on which are all very good to nervous system and body development. It can nourish the brain and improve the intelligence, avoid memory recession of the elderly, and can change the memory ability of all ages. One of the experiences of prolonging life of many long live old men is to eat an egg everyday.
9.  Scrambled egg with tomato is a very good example for complementing nutrients. It can rich nutrition and nourish brain and anti aging.

There are experiments demonstrate that eggs achieved amazing and unexpected results on preventing and curing artery atherosclerosis. Egg contains rich vitamin B2 and it can dissolve and oxidize carcinogen in human body. The trace elements in egg also can anti cancer. egg protein can repair the liver tissue injury and the lecithin in yolk can promote reproduction of liver cells.
Five methods of making scrambled eggs with tomato to keep the best nutrition
Number one: usually we match two eggs with two tomatoes. The proportion between eggs and tomatoes is very important. If the tomato is too less, the flavor will feel incorrect, insufficient, and oily and dry; if the tomato is too much, the flavor will be too sour with too much soup and so you can not enjoy scrambled eggs. Good material and good match are the guarantee for balance nutrition.
Number two: we should be careful when whip up an egg. When whipping up eggs, you should whip with your strength and accelerate rate slowly and the top of chopsticks should be on the bottom of the bowl every time. You should let the chopsticks in the eggs as much as possible, and every time let the egg spring out of the bowl when moving along the bowl edge. When there are much foam, it means ok.
Number three: when scramble eggs, you should add more oil and the oil has to be hot. You should add oil the same as egg, and when the oil is heated, put the eggs into the pot. You should shake the pot to let the oil full of the pot before adding the eggs and so the egg would not stick on the pot wall. When pouring eggs, you should along the oil and pot edge and stir the eggs immediately after the egg be in the pot. This can not make the egg absorb enough oil and the heat of oil.

Number four: when scramble eggs, we can add some sugar. This can neutralize the sour flavor of tomato and make it more delicious. Also you should take advantage of the tomato juice. you should cut the tomato into orange section size and so you can get more juice.
Number five: first of all, turn off the fire, and then add some salt before pouring them out of then pot. This is a secret point for scrambled eggs with tomato. You will find that when you take the dish to the table, the tomato just release appropriate juice.
How to make tomato will lose the nutrition?
In comparison with eating raw tomato, eating processed tomato can enhance the density of antioxidant like lycopene in blood more. This is because high temperature destroys the cell wall of tomato cells and so increases the releases of antioxidant like lycopene. In addition, during cooking, the tomato needs to use vegetable oil like peanut oil and salad oil. This oil will help tomato release the fat soluble antioxidant like lycopene and then develop the antioxidant function sufficiently. Of course, anything has two sides. After heating, the vitamin C in tomato will be damaged, but the lycopene and other antioxidants will be increased.
Therefore, the nutrition of tomato will be lost if cooked for too long, and you should avoid heating it with high temperature for a long time during cooking so as to keep more nutrition. When cooking, you should cover the pot cover tight and add some vinegar to prevent from being damaged by oxygen.
Eating cooked tomato has more nutrition than eating raw tomato. In addition, there are rich lycopene in tomato peel, so you had better do not throw it away when eating.
What decides the nutrition of tomato since it is so magic?
The deeper color tomato, the more nutrition it has.
The breed, color, maturity, sweetness, or even the producing season of tomato all are the important reasons for the lycopene content in tomato. Yellow breed tomato has little lycopene and every 100 grams have only 0.3 grams; red breed tomato has more lycopene and every 100 grams contains 2 to 3 grams and even can reach 20 grams. Generally speaking, the deeper color, the more lycopene. Green tomatoes that are not mature or half mature have relatively less lycopene. There is also a pink tomato in the market also has less lycopene than red ones.
The lycopene content is negative correlation with the dissolubility sugar in tomato, which means that the less sweet tomato, the more lycopene it has. In addition, tomato in summer has more lycopene. This is because there are rich sunshine and long time sunshine in summer which will increase the lycopene content significantly; while in winter, tomato in the greenhouse has less lycopene.

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