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Three Golden Points for Leg Weight-losing

Many people always say they want to lose weight, especially the legs, but have no idea where is the point of legs. You have to grasp three golden place when slimming leg, and you will get a pair of perfect legs.
There is no fat on your knees
When wearing skirt, the most shining part is your knees, especially the losing muscle on it.
If there is redundant fat, which makes your legs short and fat, you have to tighten here. Many people worry about their natural big joint, which actually is a misunderstanding. Most of them are fat because of the dislocation of knee joint.

Slim and tightening ankle
No matter how long and thin your thigh and calf are, your leg looks without linear if your ankle is fat; and even though your thighs and calf look the same, your legs also looks beautiful as long as your ankle is slim. The thickness of ankle does not depend on the skeleton. Originally, the ankle is difficult to accumulate fat, but it will be fat if you don’t exercise and have swelling up as time goes by.

The fattest part of your calf
If your legs are long, it is true that your leg will look slim, so you legs will look slimmer if your legs are longer. However, the key point of being looked longer is the fattest part of calf. If this place is higher, it will make your shank magically look long. The calf hypertrophy we usually talk about is just like this.
You can go and slim your leg since you have found the golden points of legs!

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