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Three Kinds of Vegetables Suitable for summer

Vegetables that are suitable for clearing heat and fire
Celery: lower blood pressure and blood lipid
Celery has the effect of lower blood pressure and blood lipid. It is called as the “medicine in kitchen” and “medical celery” since its root, stem, leaf and seed all can be used as medicine. Since celery contains rich calcium and phosphorus, it has the effect of calm down and protects blood vessels, and strengthens bones. But celery is cold in attribute and smooth, so people with weak and cold spleen and stomach should have less.

Celery can be fried, salad and making soup, and also making beverage. When choosing the celery, you should choose that with short stem and strong one with green and sparse leaf. The carotene and vitamin C that celery leaf contains are much more than that of celery stems. Therefore, when eating it, you should not throw the tender leaf that is edible away. You can blanch the celery with hot water and then cool water which can make the color greener and can reduce the time of cooking it.
Bitter herbs
Bitter herbs also called as sow thistle which contains carbohydrate, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, bitter herbs is bitter and cold which can anti-bacteria, clear heat, remove inflammation and improve eyesight.
Bitter herb is a little bit bitter with green color. It can be stir fried or salad which is especially suitable for eating in summer.

Balsam pear
According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the balsam pear has the effect of clearing heat and removing restlessness. Li Shizhen, the famous medical experts in Ming Dynasty once complimented that it can “clear and improve eyesight, remove heat”. The bitterness of balsam pear is natural and its unique bitterness can clear heat which is especially suitable for summer.

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