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6 grand coups to beat the outstanding lower abdomen

1, Eating supper before six o 'clock

Experts say that eating supper is not easy to get fatter four hours before bed. But if you already have pork stomach, please arrange the dinner before 6 PM. Let your intestines and stomach digest and empty before, thus you can own flat lower abdomen.

2, Chinese medicine thin the lower abdomen

Chinese traditional medicine can recuperate physical, promote the fat metabolism. Please consult the traditional Chinese physician, in view of your constitution give you a few traditional Chinese medicine which could promote peripheral blood circulation, adjust intestines and stomach function, make you sweat. Thus you can have pretty good effect. But pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine must be chosen to your constitution, then your losing weight could get success.

3, Sea salt massage method
After bathing, grab a handful of sea salt and clockwise massage abdomen 50 ring around navel, then massage 50 counterclockwise circle, then hands overlap fluctuation force massage 50 times. Sea salt can promote the body to discharge waste, but also can promote the fat metabolism, can replenish skin mineral, make abdominal skin meticulous and firm. Adhere to this for 1 to 2 months, you will discover waistline become shorter.

4, Abdominal breathing
Before we have already introduces the abdominal breathing could lose weight. In fact, the abdominal breathing could also lose the weight in the lower abdomen, because the abdominal breathing can not only stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the body lodge and discharge, to accelerate the belly fat burning. Every night, doing ten minutes abdominal breathing when you are on the sofa watching TV or lying in bed before you go to sleep: inhale with nose slowly, feel abdomen slowly uplift, hold the breathing for a few seconds, then slowly exhale, feel abdomen subsidence. Pay attention that you can abdominal breath 5-6 times every minute. Focus on abdominal ups and downs when you are breathing, and insist doing it for a month then you will be able to see the effect.

5, Practice gymnastics on bed
Lie on the bed, fold your hands on the chest, back to the bed, legs slightly bent, rotate the head and upper body to the left, and at the same time, rotate his legs to the right, pause for a few seconds, rotate the head and upper body to the right, rotate the leg to the left, repeat this movement for 1 ~ 2 minutes, you will feel belly slightly fever and sweating. Adhere to a week, a thin waist will soon be seen! It is said that this seemingly simple action are also the secret of Flamel Kidman's body shape.

6, Eating calcium tablet before bedtime
The body has three fat: retinal fat, subcutaneous fat and blood fat. Subcutaneous fat cause dewlap, blood fat can cause terrible cardiovascular disease, retinal fat is like a big pocket hanging below the stomach, excess heat and fat will corner in this pocket, let waistline thicker the lower abdomen outstanding. Adequate calcium can let omentum fat dissolve quickly. The best time absorption of calcium is night, so you can lose weight before bedtime by eating calcium tablet. But bedtime drink milk instead of calcium tablet is not smart, because milk contains a lot of protein and neuter fat , and in the night the body's metabolism is slow, cannot use them up , it will let the lower abdomen greater!

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