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8 kinds of food for treatment

1, Cheese prevents dental caries
Forget to brush your teeth? Then eat cheese. The study found that eating 1/4 ounce (7 g) of cheese can improve oral pH value, prevent dental caries and protect the teeth.

2, Olive oil prevents wrinkles
The American nutrition association magazine published a new study which says that compared with those who eat butter, people who eat olive oil have less wrinkles. The monounsaturated fat in the oliver oil plays a key role. Avocado also has the same anti-wrinkle effect, and it is rich in cellulose and vitamin B.

3, Sugar stops hiccups
The New England journal of medicine published a study which found that during hiccup, eat 1 teaspoon of sugar can relive it by 95%.

4, Green tea helps losing weight
The United States nutrition association says in a report that scientists found that exercisers who drink green tea will reduce the weight more easily than those who don't drink green tea. The effect is two times better and the belly fat will be reduced more in general.

5, Chocolate milk
Chocolate milkhelps muscle building. A new study made by Indiana university has found that chocolate milk is the most advantageous formuscle recovery and growth.

6, Oat + banana + walnut
This combination helps to enchance sleep quality. "Warm milk helps sleep" is actually a misunderstanding. The milk protein will reduce the serotonin levels, leading to sleep time delay. In fact, oats and banana slices and walnut kernel help to improve the level of melatonin which are more likely to help you fall asleep.

7, Orange juice helps sobering after drinking
The fructose in orange juice can make alcohol metabolism accelerate 25%. The vitamin C it contains also helps to prevent cell damage caused by drunkenness.

8, Sports drinks, jam and bread
Sports drinks help make up for the dehydration and electrolyte loss after drinking. The fructose in the jam helps enhance metabolism and dischargeing the alcohol out of the body, bread which is easy to be digested can provide energy for the body.

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