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A Piece of Candy Cure Seven Kinds of Minor Illness

Many white-collar female are afraid of sweet food may cause fat. But, when we have symptoms like dizziness, low blood sugar, and so on, have some sweet food timely can relieve the symptom and supplement energy. There are many benefits of sweet food and we can prepare some in our pocket.
The brain needs 100 to 150 grams of sugar every day, but the nervous system has little sugar and so the brain must rely on blood to give it glucose. When the blood sugar declines, the oxygen consumption of brain also will reduce. At this time, people may feel tired and can not concentrate on studying, or even worse faint.
You can have some sweet food when you have following symptoms.

1.too low blood pressure
Many people have been through this: when getting close to the noon, you may feel dizzy and cold in hands and feet, or even do not have the strength to speak. At this moment, a person who has experience will remind you that you had better have some sweet food right now and the situation of dizziness always will be better. This is because the blood pressure is too low and this phenomenon appears particularly in cold days.
2.too low blood sugar
Due to excessive controlling of having sugar, there will be shock symptom caused by low blood sugar; you can have some sugar water or other sweet drink which can help pull through.
3.before exercise
People will consume a lot of energy during exercise and you cannot have too much food before exercise. At this time, you can have some sweet food to satisfy the energy demands of human body.

4.when feeling nausea and dizzy
At this time, you can have water with much sugar to increase the blood sugar and strengthen the anti-disease ability.
5.when vomiting or having diarrhea
At this time, the stomach function of the patient is in disorder with symptom of dehydration. You can have some salt and sugar water which can help recover stomach function.
6.diabetes patient
People always think that diabetes patients should not even touch the sugar. But, in fact, the doctor always reminds the patients that they should often testing the blood sugar and urine sugar and take a bar of chocolate or candy with them when going out. If the patient feel dizzy or weakness on the road, he can have a bar of candy first.

7.too tired or hungry
At this time, people have lost too much heat and energy and so they feel weak. Have some sweet food since sugar is much easier to be absorbed by blood than other ordinary food which can supplement energy quickly.

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