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Are Alcohol Blush is the Omen of Cancer?

Are you a person that blushes when having alcohol? The person who wants you to drink always says that the redder it is, the more you can drink; and the drinker always says that blush means I have a good heart and intestines. All these are good wishes, and in fact, blush means you should never drink, and do not believe the bullshit that “drinking capacity can be practiced”. As for people who blush when drinking, they should not drink at all.
Recently, there is microblog says that: “ About one thirds of East Asian people will blush as long as they drink, and this is called as Asian Flush which will increase the risk of having deadly esophageal cancer. People who flush as they drink are because they lack of enzyme genes that can metabolic alcohol and so leads to poisonous acetaldehyde accumulated in human body and cause blood expansion and flush reaction.”

Are you feeling that why all are connected with cancer? However, this microblog does mean it. “Drinking blush” is quite common on Asian people and so be called as “Asian Flush”. About 36% of East Asian people (Chinese, Japanese, Korea) all have this problem. Many people think this is alcohol allergy, but in fact it is because the acetaldehyde produced by alcohol accumulating in human body and do not have relation with allergy.
Drinking blush? It is because you lack of some kind of gene.
The main danger brought by drinking comes from acetaldehyde, and it also is the reason for your blush. In order to remove this danger, the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 that is particularly for metabolizing acetaldehyde is quite important.
After drinking, the alcohol will be absorbed into the blood through digestive tract, and 10% of it will be ruled out as the original form as acetaldehyde and the next 90% mainly is metabolized by liver.
Put it in simple words, the alcohol first of all is catalyzed through alcohol dehydrogenase and then become acetaldehyde; then, the acetaldehyde will become acetic acid in the function of alcohol dehydrogenase 2; and then the acetic acid will participate into the process of many metabolisms, and finally get carbon dioxide and water and then go out of body. Among this process, except for ethanol is poisonous; the most harmful thing is alcohol acetaldehyde which is poisonous to many tissues and organs and may damage DNA and is also be regarded that has many carcinogenic effects. In animal experiment, the alcohol acetaldehyde is even used to be the mutagen for cancer model.
If the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase has some problem, the acetaldehyde is easier to be accumulated, and you will be flush soon. What’s more, this problem mainly appears on genes, so you are incapable this whole life.

We all know that genes always are a couple, if we suppose that this couple of genes of normal people are tow “good genes”, then defective people may has two “bad effects” and the acetaldehyde dehyderogenase 2 of yours is totally inactive; or the defective people may has “one good and one bad cross genes” which means the acetaldehyde dehyderogenase 2 is with low activity and is 100 times less. How huge the difference is.
A person who has “normal genes” is not so easy to accumulate acetaldehyde and the danger of drinking is smaller since they can metabolize acetaldehyde.
Those who have two “bad genes” will pass out soon as long as they drink since they cannot absolutely metabolize alcohol. So, they should not drink and then would not affect the health.
Those who have “a good one and a bad one cross genes” will be bearable of acetaldehyde and flush as long-term practicing, and then can have more and more. Although he did not pass out, the acetaldehyde will accumulate more and more and will hurt human body worse.
Although human body has other non-specific oxidase which also can oxidize the acetaldehyde, the efficiency is quite low, and the metabolism time is longer. The longer the acetaldehyde stays in human body, the more harmful it is.
Drinking flush people is easy to have esophagus cancer
There is a research showing that as for alcoholic people, the gene defective that makes you flush also will affect the occurrence of esophagus cancer. If those people who have “ a good and a bad cross genes” have alcohol, the risk of having esophagus cancer is much higher than those who do not have.
So the doctor can judge the patients whether they are ALDH2 defective through asking them if they flush when drinking, and also should advise them to have less wine, and increase the inspection about esophagus cancer.
The main participants of this research are people in Taiwan and Japan. In addition, a thesis in 2010 also has conducted the situation of China mainland people. The conclusion is the same: alcoholics who are lack of ALDH2 are much more possible to have esophagus cancer than normal alcoholics.
Conclusion: drinking blush is not a bad thing; it reminds that you are genetic defective. Many people decides that whether they should drink or not through if they would pass out, and even some people think they can have a good drinking capacity after a period practice. In fact, people who can not drink will bearable toward alcohol after practice, and will have more alcohol and then leads to more accumulated acetaldehyde and more harm. Therefore, people who has drinking blush had better do not drink or have less wine not only for preventing esophagus cancer, but also for many other diseases.
Why some people turn pale when drinking?
Then what is matter with those who is able to drink? The faces of these people always turn pale as they drink and become totally drunk at some point. It is because these people have no high active ADH and ALDH, they mainly oxidize alcohol through p450 in liver slowly (it is because p450 is a specific group of oxidase). Then why they will give people the impression that they are able of drink? It is because they dilute alcohol through they body fluid and so the bigger he is, the more he can drink. In normal condition, they will pass out when the alcohol density is over 0.1% which means half kilogram of wine for southerners and two thirds or a kilogram of white wine for the northerners since they are taller and stronger. But, no matte who is he, if his face would turn white as he drink, he should not have over half a kilogram of wine, or else he may have acute alcoholism.
In addition, people who turn pale as they drink is very easy to hurt their liver. People always would ask people with drinking blush to have less wine, and so they would have less and then sleep for 15 to 30 minutes after drinking and then again active. But, people who will turn pale after drinking always do not know their base line and are easier to over drink in highly excitement until they are totally drunk. The alcohol in their body will accumulate and hurt the liver since they do not have high active enzyme. Alcoholic liver injuries always occur on these people. Drinking blush people can still drink even though they vomit, while people with pale face needs more time to rest since alcohol metabolism needs one or two days.

Why some people can drink all the time?
If someone has highly active ADH and highly ADLH, what will he be? He/ she is the kind of guy we called as wine basket. How to judge whether he/ she is wine basket or not? See if he has a lot of sweat. It is because if the two enzymes are all active, the alcohol will become acetic acid soon and go into TCA circulation and heat, so he will sweat a lot and become hot.
You have to give up if you meet this kind of person, even eight or ten person cannot win over him. The good thing is that this kind of people is quite rare and one of ten thousand may be.
Five things that should not do after drinking
do not go to sleep immediately after drinking
Alcohol is digest through liver, and if you go to sleep immediately, the metabolism of human body will be slow which is bad to the liver and cause alcoholic liver. You are suggested to wash your face first after drinking and then sit for a while. People had excessive drinking should not go to sleep naturally, since you might be sleeping forever if you are highly alcoholism. In this condition, you should ask your family to company you and awake you every two hours and let you have some honey water or white water until you are totally sober.
do not have sober pills after drinking
Sober pills may can let people get rid of alcoholism symptoms temporarily, but in fact the time of drunk will be prolonged. You are suggested to have much water. In addition, you also can have some sports drink to supplement electrolyte, have some low acid orange juice to supplement vitamin C and keep the blood sugar level balance.
do not sleep electric blanket after drinking
After excessive drinking, the temperature adjust function will be in disorder and so the heat will be lost more which will make people feel cold. At this time, you should keep warm, but not using electric blanket, especially those people with hypertension, coronary disease. After drinking, the blood vessel will be expanded, the heart beat rate and metabolism will be accelerated, the blood pressure will be higher and so cause diseases like myocardial infarction and stable angina. If you feel cold, you can keep warm through feather quilt or hot-water bottle, or have more hot water, but the temperature should not be too high in case that you may be burnt.
do not have much coffee after drinking in case that you may be more lack of water
Do not have strong tea which will make your heart over excited and is not good to your kidney. Do not have soft drink, or else will accelerate the absorption of alcohol which is bad to liver and may induce acute gastritis.
do not have antipyretic after drinking
Alcohol can have chemical reaction with most medicines and produce toxin material. So you had better do not have medicine after drink, especially antipyretic medicine, or else the Tylenol in it will produce toxin material and cause liver inflammation. If you have to take it, you are suggested to take ibuprofen an hour before taking it. In addition, some cephalosporin antibiotics like “pioneer”, hypoglycemic drugs, antihypertensive drugs also should not be taken.

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