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Children of 3 to 6 years old are most prone to tooth caries

Xinkuai Newsletter: The incidence of tooth caries for 5-year-old children is as high as 66%, for 12-year-old ones 28.9%!

A questionnaire survey shows that only 49% of the parents know of fluoridated toothpaste, only 9% of parents help their children to brush the teeth every day, and only 9% of the parents know the anti-caries effect of fissure sealant. Dean ZhangJinCai of Guangdong stomatological hospital says recently in the activity held by the provincial health department, the provincial odontopathy control guidance center and Colgate palmolive company that caries disease and periodontal disease have become two kinds of the most common diseases that threatens the oral health of the residents in our country. 3 ~ 6 years is the peak for the children to suffer from tooth caries.

As we have learned, since the " free fissure sealant project for six-year-old children in Guangzhou" launched by Guangzhou municipal government in 2011, 15302 teeth has already been completed fissure sealant. But experts point out that, there are still many parents who don't realize the importance. Vice President Huang Shaohong in stomatological hospital of Guangdong province says that we should guide the children to form a habit of keep the good tooth health and create a good environment for tooth protection. The children should brush their teeth in the morning and before bedtime. Parents should supervise and help children to correct teeth brushing method. For children above 6 years old, fluoridated toothpaste can be given. Every six months the children should receive an oral health examination, and have early treatment in case there is dental caries.

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