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Children with Stick to Acupuncture Points Should Be Away from Air-conditioner

“Winter disease cured in summer” has been paid more and more attention. The traditional Chinese medicine points out that: as the weather is going into the hottest phase of a year, it also coming into the time when human body has the strongest yang to resist exogenous evil which is the best time called by the traditional Chinese medicine for “winter disease cured in summer”. Then what should children pay attention to with “sticking to acupuncture points in summer”?

1.Since the child is too young to describe correctly the feeling of having sticks, and their skin is very sensitive, the parents should pay close attention to the expression of the child after sticking and the change of skin every half an hour.
2.At the first time of sticking, you should pay close attention to the partial skin situation of the baby. If there is slightly itch feeling, it is alright; if the skin is very painful and has red and swelling up phenomenon, you should immediately uncover the patch.
3.If the skin part with patch is rupture, infection or rash, you should uncover the patch.
4.During sticking time, you should avoid the child having spicy, cold, stimulated food as less as possible; sea food, beef, mutton and cold food also had better not let them have.

5.The child had better wear clothes that is loose and has good ventilation when sticking, but not tighten chemical fiber clothes.
6.In order to avoid the ointment from polluting the clothes, you had better let the child wear dark color clothes.
7.The child should be away from air-conditioner or fans and do not have cold drink in the day of sticking.
8.If the child has fever, or throat pain, you should suspend the sticking.
9.For the baby who is the first time to stick or who has very sensitive skin, the parents should test the child at home with adhesive plaster that whether he is allergic or not. If does, you had better tell the doctor first before sticking and change to the anti-allergic adhesive plaster.

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