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Dietary Therapy: Steamed Fruit is Much Better than Medicine

Although fruit is nutritious, it is not suitable for every one. Some people who is cool in spleen and stomach, or has a poor quality should not have fruit since it may be difficult to absorb and even cause diarrhea. Steam fruit can not only weaken the cold, but also can make the dietary therapy effect much better.
Hot stewed grapefruit can reduce phlegm, lower fire and promote digestion
Grapefruit is the fruit in autumn. It is because its peel is very thick and is good for storage and it is best to eat in autumn. The grapefruit also has been called as the “natural fruit can”. It contains rich protein, organic acid, vitamin and elements that are necessary to human body, such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium and so on.

The grapefruit also has the effect of strengthening stomach, regulating the flow of vital energy and reducing phlegm. It can promote appetite, and cure some bad symptoms like indigestion. It also can promote the wound from healing, and is the good addictive curing for sepsis.
People are easier to have excessive fire in spring, and the grapefruit can lower the fire and inhibit the oral ulcer. It is easier for one person to absorb 100 to 200 grams of grapefruit everyday. The grapefruit tastes a little bit sour, so it can promote the appetite if you had it an hour before the meal. You also can choose to have it heated. You can wipe out the nuclear keep the peel of fresh grapefruit, and add some honey sugar to stew it and then you can have it.
Steamed apple with peel can help stop diarrhea and promote digestion
The pectin in apple after stewed can not only absorb the bacteria and toxin, but also can converge and stop diarrhea and promote digestion. Cut the apple with peel into dices, and put them in a small bowl. Stew them separate from water for five minutes and you can have it after it is cooled.
Having raw orange may cause excessive fire, and having orange cooked can increase appetite
Orange can not only reduce the blood pressure and cholesterol in human body, but also can care skin. However, it is easier to have excessive fire if had too much in spring, and have symptoms like sore in mouth and tongue, mouth dry, throat pain and dry excrement.
Cooked orange is the ideal choice. First of all, clean one or two oranges, and soap it in the warm water of 40 to 50 centigrade for about one minute; and then wipe the orange dry (until the surface is completely out of water), put them in the microwave oven for one or two minutes until it is a little bit burnt. So the essential oil, hesperidin, and vitamin B, vitamin C can penetrate into the orange. This can help care skin and also would not cause excessive fire,
The orange peel contains a lot of essential oil which has mild stimulation effect to intestines. It also can help the secretion of digestive juice, promote appetite, and neutralize as well as strengthen the stomach. In addition, the orange peel also can stop coughing, reduce phlegm, and cause diuresis.

The jujube has to be stewed if your spleen and stomach is weak
Jujube is rich in protein, fat, sugar, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin P, and some nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Among these compositions, the vitamin C is top on the list and so the jujube ahs the reputation of “the king of vitamin”. There is a clinical research abroad shows that: patient who has jujube constantly recovers three times quicker than having vitamin pills only.
But, the stewed jujube is much easier to digest, so it is more suitable for people who are weak in spleen and stomach. As for people who is deficient in qi, blood, and has a bad liver and kidney, they should have the jujube stewed with wolfberry and eggs. As for normal people, you can stew the jujube with Chinese yam. You can cut the jujube half, and cut the Chinese yam into dices; steam them separated with cool water; after the water is boiling, steam them with mild fire for 20 minutes.

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