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Eating Meat without Garlic Halves the Nutrition

There is an old saying goes like this: “eating meat without garlic will halve the nutrition.” This does not only mean that adding garlic in the meat can increase the flavor and appetite, but because garlic can make the nutrition in meat be absorbed more sufficient by human body. And this saying does have scientific evidence.

According to the experiment, meat product, especially lean meat, contains rich vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 stays in human body for a very short time and will be ruled out of human body with the urine if has not been absorbed by human body.
There are unique alliin and alliinase in garlic that can produce allicin when contacting vitamin B1. so the vitamin B1 will combine with the allicin and produce stable allithiamine and so increase the content of vitamin B1 by four to six times.
What’s more, allithiamine also can prolong the time that vitamin B1 staying in human body, enhance the absorption rate and use efficiency of vitamin B1 in the gastrointestinal tract. It also is very important to remove body fatigue and strengthen health quality.

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