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Five Cups of Coffee Every Day will halve the Pregnancy Rate

Coffee is many people’s favorite, but at the 28th ESHRE, the Denmark scholar issued a new research for those coffee lovers and warned them that according to the research, the pregnancy rate will be decreased by 50% if female have over five cups of coffee every day.
The expert of fertility clinics in University of Aarhus, Doctor Ulrich and his colleagues have conducted a follow-up study on 3959 cases of external fertilization people. The researcher collected the coffee drinking amount information of these participants and analyzed with the factors like age, smoking condition, alcohol condition and weight. The result showed that the pregnancy rate of female participants who had more than five cups of coffee everyday decreased by 50%, but there is no this “side effect” among female who had less than five cups of coffee.

The early research conclusions about the relationship between coffee and fecundity are various. Some researches found that over absorption of caffeine will cause abortion; while other researchers found the exact opposite conclusion. In recent year, most researches think that both female having too much tea or coffee everyday and husbands having too much alcohol will lower the pregnancy rate of female significantly.
Therefore, Euan Paul who is the British expert reminds that pregnant woman and woman who are going to be pregnant should control their caffeine absorption within 200mg everyday ( no more than two cups).

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