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Five Health Care Effects of Needle Mushroom

Little needle mushroom has the effect of curing disease and keeping health. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, it has five effects such as supplementing liver and resisting cancer. However, some people should not have it.
Needle mushroom also called as dried mushroom and educational mushroom. The research of fungus in our country has already proved that it is a good food that is nutritious and can remove disease as well as strengthening body. The needle mushroom contains rich protein and 18 kinds of amino acids among which eight kinds are essential for human body. Amino acid accounts totally for 20% of the dry weight of needle mushroom and the lysine in it is especially good for children bone development and intelligence development. This is why it is called educational mushroom; while arginine is good for preventing and curing liver diseases and gastric ulcer.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine that needle mushroom is cold in attribute and tastes salt. It is beneficial for liver, good to gastro and intestines, can increase intelligence, and resist carcinoma. There are a lot of dietary fibers in the stem of needle mushroom which can absorb bile acid, reduce cholesterol and promote the gastrointestinal motility. So, having more needle mushroom is good to hyperlipidemia patients. The dietary therapy functions are as following:
According to the experiment report, feeding the rat with needle mushroom for some time can resist fatigue and accelerate remove fatigue.
The effective ingredients in needle mushroom mycelium and seed entity can antisepsis and anti-inflammation.
3.Anti-hypertension and reduce cholesterol.
Needle mushroom can inhibit the hypertension of animal caused by feeding fodder and reduce cholesterol as well as prevent and cure cardio-cerebro-vascular diseases.
Needle mushroom lentina major can anti liver cancer and lung cancer effectively. Flammulin extracted from needle mushroom can inhibit the growth of tumor and resist cancer effectively.
Recently, the researchers in the Medical College of National University of Singapore found that there is a kind of protein in needle mushroom which can prevent some allergies like asthma, rhinitis, and eczema. It also can enhance the immunity, and even can resist virus infection and cancer.
5.promote metabolism
According to the research, needle mushroom can strengthen the bioactivity of human body effectively and promote the metabolism. It also is good to absorb and take advantage of all kinds of nutrients in food.
The advantage and taboo of eating needle mushroom
Healthy people having more needle mushrooms can strengthen immunity, but should avoid cooking too long when eating. Salad and hot pot are both good methods to eat. You should know that do not have too much at one time since there are high fibers in mushroom and may cause diarrhea if had too much. In addition, people who have lupus erythematosus or arthritis had better not have too often or else will worsen the situation.
Common people can have it. But, following people should not have it.

1.It is suitable for people who are deficient in qi and blood, the elderly who are malnutrition, children, cancer patients, liver disease patient, gastric ulcer patients and intestinal ulcer patients, CCVD patients.
2.People who have a weak spleen or cold stomach should not have too much needle mushroom.
The advantage and taboo for matching needle mushroom
appropriate golden match
Needle mushroom + chicken = invigorate blood and qi
Needle mushroom + tofu = increase intelligence, strengthen body and reduce blood pressure sugar
Needle mushroom + broccoli = strengthen the detoxifying function of liver and enhance body immunity.
Restriction of taboo matching
Needle + milk = can induce angina
Needle + donkey = diarrhea and stomach pain

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