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Five "don't" while washing your hair

  A, Don't scratch your scalp
There are many germs in the fingernails. Once the delicate scalp is excoriated, infection main easily be induced. Gently push the scalp with your finger pulps while applying the shampoo, which can decontaminate and invigorate the blood circulation.

      B, Don't apply the hair conditioner onto the hair roots
While washing the hair, the skin follicles are open, if we apply the hair conditioner to the hair roots, the chemicals can seep into the skin follicles and block them from breathing. It is suggested to straighten out the hair first,and avoid the hair roots when applying the hair conditioner.

C, Don't sleep with wet hair
When the hair is wet, the hair scales are open. The hair is very delicate at this moment and has poor resistance to friction. If ones goes to sleep when the hair is half wet and half dry, the corneous layer will be thinned, making the hair dry.

D, Don't do hair wash directly without combing
Scalp is very important to the hair. Before shampoo, wet the comb and straighten up the hair, making the dirt and dust attached to the scalp on the surface and then wash the hair. To avoid injury to the scalp, the propose is to use of wide-slotted and round-headed comb.

E, Don't go out immediately after shampoo
A study found that the ultraviolet radiation that the hair receives is twice more than the face do. Ultraviolet ray can make hair thin and peel. If one heads out immediately after shampoo, the hair is prone to breaking and splitting. If you have to go out after shampoo, you had better take an umbrella or a hat to avoid the ultraviolet rays.

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