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Having Bone Soup May Cause Hypertension

Two days before, I went to outpatient, and a osteoporotic patient came over for review, and when he got the laboratory test report, he was shocked by his high blood fat. I asked carefully about his dieting, and found that he had bone soup every meal for nearly three months since he heard about that bone soup and bone can supplement calcium. The result was that calcium did not go up but the blood fat did instead.

In clinical, there are many patients supplement calcium blindness. Some old men with osteoporosis have bone soup every day or have big bone in order to supplement calcium. They have no idea that there is little calcium in big bone and what they absorbed are cholesterol. It is unscientific to supplement calcium like this.
Then, how to supplement calcium correctly when having osteoporosis?
First of all, we should have a general idea of what is osteoporosis, the so-called osteoporosis is that the bone is less, and the bone microstructure is recess and so makes the bone crisper and is easier to have systematic bone disease like fracture. The decline of bone means the bone mineral and colloid content are diminished in the unit volume of bone tissue. In addition, osteoporosis also can be divided into essential and secondary. Secondary osteoporosis is caused by malnutrition and so on, so supplement calcium is effective. As for essential osteoporosis, you cannot cure it only by supplement calcium. The majority osteoporoses of old people belong to this kind.
Supplement calcium blindly is without effect. You should take treatment under the instruction of doctor. First of all, is your diet, for example, you can have more sea food, soy bean product and dairy food; keep a good dieting habit; advocate balance dieting and diversified food; secondly, do some appropriate exercise and increase the time of having ultraviolet rays; finally, for serious osteoporosis, you should take medicine treatment under the instruction of doctor.

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